Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annual "No Kids Allowed" Weekend Part I

Two weeks ago we kicked off the Summer with the First Annual "No Kids Allowed" (unless they are in your tummy) Weekend!  We had 5 couples, all life long friends of my husband's, and fortunately - now mine too! We missed the first night because Brian was still in Korea, but I picked him up at the airport early on Saturday and we headed straight to Arch Cape.  It was a great weekend full of good laughs and good friends.  I really enjoy this group.  They are some of the nicest, funniest, most down-to-earth people I have ever met.  They are easy to talk to, easy to be around, and just fun, fun, fun!  I can't wait for next year.  Here are a few pictures of our adult only days at the beach.

Brian looks so pleased to be in this picture with his wife. 

Comparing tummy size

Chris and Janelle Cameron

We are missing Cheryl!!!  Janelle, Sara, Mallary, and me

The boys - Dan, Paul (a fan of mustache May), Chris, Brian, and Kyle

A trip with these boys isn't complete until they pose for the cover of their new boy band album. Nerds. 

Dan and Cheryl - living in Colorado now, made the trip to celebrate....with whiskey.
Everyone talking at once on a sun filled afternoon. Classic.

Since I was the only sober one I really enjoyed my dinner.  A little surf'n'turf, some ridiculous baked beans and a salad.

Beach time

"Hey, this will be fun game, lets put a beer can down there and throw rocks at it. Who ever hits it first gets to pick who drinks from the whiskey bottle." - yep, we are in our thirties.
Kyle lost.

All smiles about being with his buddies. 

This simply needs no caption. Amazing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Part 2

For Mother's Day we had my parents and Brian's parents over for breakfast.  We lucked out on a beautiful sunny weekend and we were fortunate to dine outside.  We had a lovely time.  I really screwed up by not getting any pictures of the actual MOTHERS on this special day though.  Similar to everything else in my life these days I put a lot more focus on the food portion.  
The menu was simple and delicious - 
Orange Juice
Mini Lemon Muffins
(Williams-Sonoma mix you can buy here)
Fruit Salad
Overnight French Toast
(So yummy, My Mom made this recipe.)
Mini Breakfast Stratas
(You could do any mix-ins you want, take a look at this recipe.)

This was a fun tradition to start - next year Brian is cooking!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1

On the Saturday of Mother's day weekend I got to spend a fun filled sunny day with my Mom. She came to help me buy all of my flowers for 9 pots and plant them in beautiful combinations.  As you can see from below, I really put her to work.  Luckily we have had some nice sun and some nice rain so my pots are really filling out nicely.


When we got to our house with all of the flowers Brian was busy working at the table on the patio.  We told him we would stay quiet and not disturb him.  That was before my Mom walked out of the back door and through the screen door, completely knocking it off the rails. So Brian had a little project before we actually let him get back to work. Oops!

The finished product on the back patio
The pretty "flowerless" pots on the front porch

Friday, May 18, 2012

15 going on 16

It hasn't been a very active week for blogging.  I have been really busy at work and different from the past few months, actually feeling engaged on what I am working on.  Everyone told me that I would get a burst of energy in my second trimester and they weren't kidding.  I am still ready for bed at 9pm, but up to that point and I am running around the house cleaning stuff out, rearranging, or organizing.  It seems the same thing has happened in my work life.  My brain is suddenly in overdrive.  I have so many ideas and new ways I want to look at things.  It makes for a very long to-do list!

I am almost 16 weeks.  Brian has been in Korea all week so I have slacked on the belly pictures, but I really feel like it sticking out today.  Here is my attempt to take a view from above picture on my walk this morning.

A few recent pregnancy notes I don't want to forget:
I had my first hot latte (decaf of course) in two months this morning, it tasted so good!  I feared they were ruined forever. 

I am really into Falafels and I hardly feel sick ever anymore. 

I ran twice this week and my only jeans that still fit, officially cannot button. 

It is still to early to feel anything and I just look forward to my next doctor visit to hear a little heartbeat again.  

They say you shouldn't eat the things you love when you have morning sickness because you can stop liking them due to the association.  That was true for me - Yumm Bowls and my favorite Thai Noodles are definite victims. 

I have lots of pictures to post from Mother's Day fun last weekend, but since I got the urge to clear out the future nursery our computer isn't hooked up at home.  That is my project tonight (one of many!) then pick up Brian tomorrow and drive to the beach for a fun overnight with old friends.  Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lanter 40th Wedding Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago my husband and his sister threw a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for their parents.  The party was a great success.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the happy couple was certainly surprised!  The biggest surprise might have been Diane's sister who flew in from Michigan and made a beautiful cake for them.  The same cake that almost got dropped as an incredibly excited sister flew towards her.  The photography was done by Mallary Olson,  a good friend of ours who is incredibly talented.  She really captured the night beautifully!

Congratulations to 40 years of marriage.  What an incredible life they have built and children they have raised.  Brian and I are both so lucky to have parents in strong marriages.  My parents will be 40 years next year and I can't think of two better examples of why it is important to marry someone you really, truly enjoy.  Here's to 40 more!

Butch and Diane on their wedding day


Always a good sign!

Mallary wanted to practice a few shots of the couple entering, so I decided to give my acting a try.

Danielle (my sister-in-law) and her boyfriend Zolli

Brother and Sister hosts

The Lanter Boys - 5 brothers having a good laugh...several good laughs

The Lanter gang

Cousins - Brian and I think we are really funny. 

Brian striking a pose for some practice shots

13 weeks, just a little bump, we are comparing
Look how petite I am

The happy couple

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Loop

I run. I run in the morning, I run in the sun, I run in the rain, I'll run on a treadmill and I run outside.  I run to get that feeling you get and to feel strong.  Not feeling like running was the weirdest part of the 1st trimester for me.  Usually, it was running that made me feel better if I was sick or had too much wine, but the thought of the bouncing just made me ill the past few months.  Now that I have come out of my cloud and am closer to my old self these light, sunny mornings are begging me to run. 

So now I run with a little friend on board.  My loop is shorter, my runs are slower and the hills are walked, but the feeling is the same. I decided to run with my phone on Thursday, these are some of my favorite sights on the new baby loop. 

                        The sky was so blue, always a treat.

I always like this house, you can't see the beautiful side yard here, but it is one of my favorites that I pass. 

The only hill