Wednesday, October 24, 2012

37 Weeks

Full term.  There is a full term baby inside of me. Holy cow.
You know I used to sometimes snicker at other people as they spoke about pregnancy and giving birth, talking about it like they were the first ones to ever do it.  I mean people have been doing this for millions of years right?  Well, I take back all my snickering, because now I understand when you are in it, it is the most fascinating miracle ever.  We are having a baby and yes, millions of people have done it millions of times - but we haven't. For the first time the combination of these two people is being created. That is just too darn cool. 

A little more of an exciting doctor appointment this past week...not just the regular pee in a cup, blood pressure, pulse, heart beat routine..but an actual exam.  Just to find that there is some progress and this body is gearing up to welcome Peanut. 

1cm and 50% effaced

Well, apologies if that was too much information, but as I will soon be measuring my life in centimeters  and ounces, it is only fitting. 

Can't wait to meet Peanut. 

By the way, we have had to move into the nursery, wet, cold, dark nights are upon us. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is in the air

I love the Farmer's Market this time of year.  The colors are so pretty, the offering changes from peaches and berries to squash and brussel sprouts.  I love the cool, crisp mornings and of course a breakfast burrito from my favorite vendor.  We had several things on our "baby bucket list" as we entered the third trimester and especially the final weeks and we have done almost all of them.  One that we had was to entertain a little dinner party at our house.  So the first weekend in October we had over 3 other couples, watched some football, ate some dinner, and had a few laughs.  It was a great excuse for all my fall decor to go to good use.  It was a fun evening with good friends.  I just love this time of year.  

36 Weeks

It is fun to look back at the early weeks now.  I have never not had a flat stomach (I know, lucky me...) so even when I was only small at around 20 weeks I felt so much more round than I looked.  Now when I look back I think, wow, I really just started looking pregnant!  This outfit makes it look really funny too.  Getting closer to the big day and apparently we have been busy since I am actually 38 weeks as I type this.  Still feeling good, just getting excited!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Maternity Shoot by Mal

A couple weeks ago our friend and talented photographer, Mallary, came to our house to help us capture this very special time, expecting Baby Lanter.  The pictures she took were simply amazing.  She made us look so good!  She has known "Chunk" for many years and was not surprised when he wanted to infuse a little of his "creativity" here and there.  They might not always perfectly showcase her photography talents, but they do absolutely capture the real us.  

Thank you Mallary, for being a part of preserving this feeling of happy anticipation for Brian and I.  Nobody could have done it better. 

For the rest of you, you know where to look for your next family shoot. Check out more details below. 

35 Weeks

Here it is at 35 weeks.  I can't believe I am already near the end.  It has gone so fast, almost too fast.  It feels scary that there is a real little person in there that is going to be completely dependent on us.  On "us" - two people who still feel like kids. We'll be ready though, when we take that first car trip home from the hospital, that is going to be pure crazy.  Hello, we have a kid - OUR KID- in the the heck did that happen?

At 35 weeks pregnant I was promoted into a new job that I will start when I return from maternity leave.  I am going to be the North America Merchandising Director for Women's Training.  It's a great new opportunity and the timing could not be better.  It is truly tough for me to even comprehend at this point, but will be a great new adventure in a few months.  

Until then, I'll be working on my primary jobs of mommy and wife.  In the end, those are the only ones that matter anyway.  Who will really remember how many sports bras we sold when I was around?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jennapalooza: Ping Pong Birthday

What are you going to do after all those birthday beauty treatments?  Well, dinner and ping pong...naturally. 

After a nice group dinner at Trebol for some mexican food Jenna had scheduled a little invite through facebook to show off her ping pong skills.  Before we left the restaurant though she had to open her personalized paddle and eat a ping pong themed cupcake.  Kristen really out did herself!

These girls and their friends are all 5 to 10 years younger than us...but they still invited their pregnant married couple friends and it is these nights that remind us we can still be fun!  Plus, I  even stayed out until close to midnight.  Woohoo!

Game face ladies

Tequila shots 

A paddle only fit for the birthday girl

Pong gear...of course

How can you resist this group?  Seriously heartbreakers.