Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prego Anniversary!

Jake is 4 months old today...but we'll celebrate that in another entry.  

One year ago yesterday we found out we were pregnant.  Best Saturday morning ever. 

See the details here.

What a difference a year makes!!  
Next up on the blog...sleep training - yikes!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby photoshoots & other fun times at Grammy & Grampy's

Brian went to Southeast Asia on a business trip for just over a week, so instead of staying at home, Jake and I packed up too.  We moved in with Grammy and Grampy (my parents) for the week! Mama and Jake were both spoiled.  We had a fun time and the week went really fast until Papa was home again.  Every morning Grammy and Jake would have a quick photo shoot and she would get him dressed while I got showered.  My Mom is a very talented photographer and while there were tons of pictures to choose from, I selected just a few of my favorites below.  These shots will be priceless and time goes on.  After we both got ready for the day we took a nice walk to Starbucks for our coffee.  As we both always agree that is the best start to the day.  Jake would look around at all the trees on the path to the coffee shop and often take a little nap on our way home.  After Jake ate again we headed out for some kind of activity for the day, usually a quick lunch out somewhere, a few errands and shopping.  We came back every afternoon and after some "tummy time" and playing on the blanket, I strapped on the Ergo and off we went for a long walk and Jake's afternoon nap.  

We both got a lot of exercise thanks to this bad habit of wearing Jake for naps!  At least he got some sleep and we got to burn off the cookies and fudge my Mom baked us!  Evenings we had a nice dinner at home, where Jake would fuss because he wanted to be at the table too, so my Mom would always speed eat so she could play with him.  Two nights we went out - first to Sasquatch Brewery in Hillsdale, a delicious family friendly spot. Great beer too.  Then our last night we went to the Portland Golf Club where my parents just became members.  Grampy couldn't look at the course everyday out their window and not be able to play it!! 

We were lucky enough to be at Grammy and Grampy's for Valentine's day.  A holiday that my Mom always made so special for our family growing up.  Several times we would have fondue which was a real treat.  She even got us a couple of gifts.  I got some lovely oil and vinegar (which we are using tonight on our chopped salads) and Jake got another hand knit sweater.  Stripes and a hood, two of my favorite looks on little Jake.  The sweater is priceless and Jake looks darling in it.  Grammy is quite talented.  

I never really thought too much about what it would be like to see my parents with a grand baby, but now that it is here I can't imagine it being any more fun.  They are great parents, they are fun, funny, generous, selfless, amazing people and little Jake is a lucky guy to know them.  

While we were at their house Jake made some real strides in tummy time and became quite the babbler. He is like a little angel kid that just spreads smiles and happiness where ever he goes.  I hope he always knows how very, very much he is loved.  This little boy has stolen all of our hearts, that is for sure. 

It will take too long to explain all of these things, but since I don't want to forget some of the laughs I had with my parents over the last week, I need to make these reminders:
asian fajitas, president's parking spot, self-draining tub, onesie over the bum, ape grooming, pediatrician peeing, and #takeapicturebeforelizeatsit

I love you so much Mom and Dad.  Thank you for having me and the little man and for making me laugh and Jake smile and coo everyday.  Can't wait for the desert!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Three Months Old

Happy 3 Months to sweet Jake!
At 3 months old Jake was:

24 inches

He has completed a road trip and his first time on the airplane. 
He sleeps a 5 hour stretch at least - almost every night.  He slept through the night (7 or 8) hours twice and I was so shocked I couldn't sleep.  Jake is a great little eater.  He is never known to have refused the boob, but one day this month he did for a morning feeding and I freaked out.  He later ate and all was well but he had a low fever and his Mama didn't like that1  He coos and talks all the time.  We often talk about the day, or what I am eating or when Papa will be home.  He rarely cries, but when he does it is really sad.  This month we worked on taking naps in the crib with little success.  So Mama and Jake took many long walks where he would comfortably nap in the stroller.  Jake smiles regularly and it might be the cutest thing ever.  If he wakes up in his crib in the morning and isn't hungry he will happily play there for close to 30 minutes.  Jake loves to kick it out on a blanket or sit in his chair in the kitchen while I make dinner.  We regularly eat lunch together on the kitchen floor, picnic style.  The lades (and men!) at Starbucks love Jake and visit everyday - sometimes after our run, sometimes on a walk.  We have a bedtime routine when Papa gets home and after he plays for a while.  We have a bath and go upstairs and talk and play on our bed, nurse one more time and then Papa rocks Jake to sleep.  Papa invented "baby fishing" where he holds a toy over Jake's mouth and sees if he will grab it...of course this is a game Papa would invent.  Jake loves books which makes Mama happy and he will look at them when Mama reads, especially Snuggle Puppy.  We like to read and sing and snuggle to that book in the afternoons.  Jake loves a 5pm nap, which scared us at first, but it actually just makes for a better night.  He loves cuddles, he smiles constantly, he watches his Mom and might have a little case of the "mommies".  He is a sweet little angel and I can't imagine a better baby.  This guy has totally rocked my world. 

Mustache Baby Shower

Since we didn't know what we were having and I had several generous friends throwing me baby showers we didn't really celebrate with the Lanter family while I was pregnant.  Auntie Danielle is really quite a hostess and she thought up a mustache themed shower that she threw in January.  He was spoiled rotten with toys and clothes and Mom and Dad were pleased to get lots of diapers too.  Who knew that would ever be so exciting?

Here are a few pictures of all of the little details that made this day very special for our little man. 

Jake Month 3

In Jake's 3rd month everything really started to hit its stride.  He did his first road trip to Sunriver and first airplane travel to NY.  We filled our days at home with morning runs, lots of walks, trips to Starbucks, tummy time and playing on a blanket, shopping, talking, eating, and just continuing to get to know each other.  We definitely had a routine in this month and everyday seemed to bring a new milestone.  Some of my favorite photos, of the one billion I have taken.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jake in the Big Apple

In early January Brian headed to Bandon Dunes for a boys golf vacation and Grammy and I packed up Jake and headed to New York City to see his Auntie Stephanie aka Ti Ti Boom or The Boom.  We had an early morning flight and as he screamed in the car seat on the way to the airport I thought I was probably in for a very long flight...but poor little man was just sad to be up so early.  Once we got through security and his Mom was sufficiently drenched in sweat he settled down fine and was excited for his trip.  He nursed on take off and landing and other than that he just was charming the other passengers with smiles and sweet glances. 

I think he had a sensory shock when we walked out of JFK to hustle bustle that would be his life for the next several days.  My Mom and I would get settled at Stephanie's apartment with Jake and she was going to stay with her boyfriend Sammi.  Everyday was about the same, wake up late and take our time getting ready, have a Jake photoshoot.   Nurse Jake - strap in the snap and go stroller and head out the door.  We walked a lot, we shopped, we ate, we people watched and we worked on our strategy for the next time that Jake needed to eat and where we would change his diaper.  I NEVER could have done this little adventure without Grammy.  She took special care of both of us everywhere we went.  We started with breakfast at Starbucks and then explored different parts of the city - The Upper Westside, Soho, Chelsea, Flatiron, East Village.  We walked and walked and Jake ate everywhere from Starbucks to Whole Foods to Bloomingdales.  At night we met up with Stephanie and Sammi for delicious dinners.  A few we had our, where Jake was great and few for take out at Sammi's apartment.  Every one was delicious and fun.  Jake slept well at night even though he would nap a lot during the day.  He was just a good little guy all the time. 

It was a great trip to enjoy New York, spend some time with my Mom, visit my sister and meet her boyfriend that we adore.  Finally - Steph is dating someone I actually want to hang out with.  He is smart and funny, he has his head screwed on right, he gives my sister a hard time, he laughs with her and at her and seems like a real keeper!

Trips like these I will never forget!

Jake's first airplane ride

Gtand Central, Flatiron building, Chelsea Market

Snowy Sunriver

The day after Christmas we packed up the car to head to Sunriver with my family for a few days.  Packing the car for our first road trip with a baby was very interesting.  To say we had a lot of stuff would be a major understatement.  We somehow got it all in and managed to get Jake and ourselves in the car for a stop at the pediatrician before heading on the road.  Jake had his check-up, his shots, and something to eat and we headed on his first road trip.  As usual he was an angel.  Just slept and ate all the way down there.  

Sunriver was absolutely beautiful.  There had been several snow storms and there was a couple feet of snow on the ground.  It was just perfect.  Our days were spent hanging out and watching football, playing with Jake, getting coffee, taking walks, or a couple of snowshoe adventures on the golf course. I think we could have stayed another week.  It was fun to have some relaxing time to just enjoy the winter wonderland.  Jake was a trooper the whole week.  A few things we discovered (the hard way) was that it is not good to let Jake get overly exhausted.  Poor little guy cannot wind down and will fuss more than he ever normally does.  Totally our fault too.  The other thing I learned...Jake was too big for is 0-3 month clothes already.  I wasn't ready to let go of the little tiny outfits that he had been showcasing his first two months of life.  Time was already moving too fast.  We really tried to take some pictures of things other than Jake...at least we tried.