Friday, August 30, 2013

Jake: The Movie

I'm a little behind on updates and then when I sit at the computer I never end up doing what I set out to do.  Yesterday I planned to put together Jake's 10 month update, but started to play in iMovie instead.  I put this together, my first attempt at a movie.  Have a great weekend. 

Unfortunately because I used some music with copyright issues, you cannot view this video on an iPhone or iPad.  It has to be viewed on a computer.  When you press play it will play tiny on the screen, but if you select the YouTube icon in the bottom right corner it will take you to their site to watch it and you can make it full screen, which of course is better.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Man

Dear Jake -
Tonight after dinner you pushed open the door to the guest room, the one with all the cords that you love.  I followed you in and told you couldn't play under the desk, but that you could play on the bed.  This is where I change your diaper and you always like to run away and explore.  You crawled around for a minute or two on the bed and checked out everything.  I laid down on the only open side to keep you safe.  As soon as I laid down you came over to snuggle with me.

The next 10 minutes or so were some of my favorite I have ever had with you.  You gave me lots of kisses, I could smell your sweet hummus breath and I have teeth marks on my arm from your little mouth.  The feeling of your chubby hands hugging me and your slobbery face, mouth wide open, coming straight at my face has to be one of the best things in the world.  You climbed all over me, sticking your fingers in my mouth so I could "bite" them and make you laugh, blowing raspberries in each other's faces and of course watching "the little man" (my index and middle fingers) walk around the bed before he finally found you and tickled you so you would fill the room with belly laughs that I hope you never lose.

Don't get big Jake.  Don't stop crawling to your Mama for snuggles and kisses when you see she is nearby.  Don't stop smiling at everything and laughing at the jokes only you hear.  Don't stop exploring and being curious.  Don't stop being Mama's little baby and the sweetest little boy I ever knew.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Boys and Girls

Jake can't focus on anything if there is a noisy truck going by.  Is that all babies, or do little boys really come out loving trucks and other "boy" things?

Today at breakfast I was feeding Jake and the garbage truck was on our street.  We had a front row view right from our living room of the cans being lifted up over the truck and dumped in.  I even thought it was pretty amazing and Jake couldn't get enough.  As a girl with a sister I always thought I wanted to have girls.  I can't believe it, as now I can't picture anything but my little guy.  I feel like I might be a Mom that is better suited to boys anyway.  I'm not sure why, I just have a feeling we will be great buds. 
It is so much fun to watch him discover everything.  When he was a little smaller I told Brian that I worried sometimes because he was so sweet I didn't want him to get picked on when he was older.  He is still so sweet and his little bottom lip curls out when he starts to get sad, but he is also brave and smart.  He isn't going to be a push-over, especially with Mama's blood in him!  It's amazing how you start to worry about your kids before they have even taken their first step or roll for that matter.  

I follow this blog:
I am pretty obsessed with this sweet family.  They have a very strong sense of faith and are a little more religious than we are, but their values cannot be beat.  Casey's husband Chris is making a film called "American Blogger." He has been traveling all over the country filming and she posts some of the bloggers he has met with.  It has sent me to a couple of new sites, this one: and particularly her story I found incredibly honest and touching.  

Friday rambling I guess, just another fast and fun week with my buddy. Time needs to slow down!