Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jake Says

Every single day something comes out of Jake's mouth that makes me laugh, or at least smile in case I don't want to encourage him, or if he is being really serious. :)

He often answers me with "in a few minutes"

He refers to yesterday, last year, last month, a few weeks ago as "last day"
Lately he talks about "Remember last day when I was four..."

Spinning on a toy at the park: "It's busy in here" (dizzy)

Often announcing after a fun ride down the slide "This is fun airybody"

Looking at McPeets lighted sign: 
Jake- "What's that?"
Mama - "Thats a bar"
Jake - "Yeah, a bar for papa."

Jake - "I want to watch a George"
Brian grabs the remote "No Papa, get the Apple TV"
Good lord.

Jake getting stuff out of his closet, holds up a sweatshirt. 
"This is cute for Palm Desert"
Jake holding up another shirt and looking at Mama.
"This was yours when you were a little boy"

When he doesn't want something: "No, no breakfast today, breakfast is sleeping"
Or "Breakfast is closed"

"Mama, can you put my pajamas on? Oh, and put my diaper on too so I don't pee in my bed"

Jake counting is money: "1,2,3,4,5,10,9,7"

Waking up after a long nap and a very realistic dream. 
"George and the Man are coming over."
Mama- "They are?"
Jake - "Yeah, they are at the store"
Mama - "Ok, what are they getting?"
Jake- "Beer"

Christmas Break in Sunriver

I am going to worry less about the fact that I am writing this in August and focus on the fact that I want this week captured in my "journal" no matter how late!  It was truly a magical week in Sunriver after Christmas.  We had a massive snowstorm that gave us inches upon inches of fluffy snow to play and sled in.  Why do even ordinary outings turn into amazing adventures under a blanket of white? Jake was absolutely in heaven and he looked so adorable in his little snow bibs.  We went to the golf course to find a sledding hill in an absolute white out, even with Bo at 4 months old.  We were either really brave or incredibly stupid!  Either way, it was a lot of fun and just the beginning of our adventures in the snow! We were so lucky for this winter wonderland in an otherwise incredibly dry year in the mountains, I'm not sure if we can ever top it!

Thanksgiving & Christmas 2014

The holiday season with a toddler is absolutely magical.  I wasn't sure how much Jake was going to get into Christmas, clearly I wasn't thinking.  What's not to love? Cookies, presents, lights, music...sounds like Jake heaven to me.  It was such a special time.  It is one of my favorite times of year anyway, but that feeling has about quadrupled with the excitement of children.  We started the holiday season with a long Thanksgiving weekend in Sunriver.  We even had snow, it was so cozy and beautiful.  The first night we were there it snowed while we were sleeping and the kids were both still asleep after we got up and was kind of magical.  Obviously very magical if I still remember it in June...hahaha.  Jake played fireman around the house, talking about important stuff in his walkey-talkey, Bo posed for Mimi photoshoots and they both looked adorable in Mama's matching outfits.  Jake loved the snow and his snowboots and outfit.  I think he would have worn it all to bed.  My Mom made a delicious dinner (still thinking about that in June too) and we all tried our best to sit together and eat it.  

We all came home on Saturday and on Sunday we headed out for the annual "Burnham Christmas Tree Expedition",  a family favorite event - especially for Brian.  We picked out a tree pretty quickly and spent a few minutes in the barn on site where they have a few animals to feed/pet, hot cocoa, and a santa.

We visited Santa at Macy's again this year.  Of course Jake at 2 years old was in no mood to sit on the old guy's lap and pose for pictures, but we captured a few classic moments that show the difference between a baby and a toddler.  We also went to zoo lights and this year we will do even more to celebrate as the kids will be a little older.

I could tell right away when I got the Christmas decorations out that Jake was going to be really into it this past year.  He helped hang ornaments, checked out all the Santas and other decorations.  We got a little tree for his playroom and he asked where our elf was and if he could open the advent calendar every morning.  I can't wait for this year, he will love it even more.

On Christmas eve we went to Brian's Aunt's house for dinner and Jake had fun running around with the other kids.  The timing was tough because the kids go to bed so early and they both had meltdowns.  We decided it will be the last year we go anywhere on Christmas eve for a while.  On Christmas day we did our usual routine with wake up at our house, breakfast and presents at my parent's, then presents and dinner with the Lanter's.  It was a really fun day as usual and Jake was WAY into presents which makes me especially scared for this year.  I think holidays are tough on kids, it is just SO much at once.  I realize that isn't going to change anytime soon, but we are going to try to find ways to be sure everyone can enjoy it a little more.  Fortunately we had a relaxing and beautiful week in Sunriver to look forward to.

I truly cannot wait for this year, well I think it is going to be tough to manage with two toddlers, I think the holidays are going to be just magical.