Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jake Says

Every single day something comes out of Jake's mouth that makes me laugh, or at least smile in case I don't want to encourage him, or if he is being really serious. :)

He often answers me with "in a few minutes"

He refers to yesterday, last year, last month, a few weeks ago as "last day"
Lately he talks about "Remember last day when I was four..."

Spinning on a toy at the park: "It's busy in here" (dizzy)

Often announcing after a fun ride down the slide "This is fun airybody"

Looking at McPeets lighted sign: 
Jake- "What's that?"
Mama - "Thats a bar"
Jake - "Yeah, a bar for papa."

Jake - "I want to watch a George"
Brian grabs the remote "No Papa, get the Apple TV"
Good lord.

Jake getting stuff out of his closet, holds up a sweatshirt. 
"This is cute for Palm Desert"
Jake holding up another shirt and looking at Mama.
"This was yours when you were a little boy"

When he doesn't want something: "No, no breakfast today, breakfast is sleeping"
Or "Breakfast is closed"

"Mama, can you put my pajamas on? Oh, and put my diaper on too so I don't pee in my bed"

Jake counting is money: "1,2,3,4,5,10,9,7"

Waking up after a long nap and a very realistic dream. 
"George and the Man are coming over."
Mama- "They are?"
Jake - "Yeah, they are at the store"
Mama - "Ok, what are they getting?"
Jake- "Beer"