Saturday, August 29, 2015

Christmas Break in Sunriver

I am going to worry less about the fact that I am writing this in August and focus on the fact that I want this week captured in my "journal" no matter how late!  It was truly a magical week in Sunriver after Christmas.  We had a massive snowstorm that gave us inches upon inches of fluffy snow to play and sled in.  Why do even ordinary outings turn into amazing adventures under a blanket of white? Jake was absolutely in heaven and he looked so adorable in his little snow bibs.  We went to the golf course to find a sledding hill in an absolute white out, even with Bo at 4 months old.  We were either really brave or incredibly stupid!  Either way, it was a lot of fun and just the beginning of our adventures in the snow! We were so lucky for this winter wonderland in an otherwise incredibly dry year in the mountains, I'm not sure if we can ever top it!

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