Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch: Kruger's Farm

A couple of weeks ago we set out for a sunny day at the pumpkin patch.  We were lucky enough to have the Powell family join us for a little October fun.  We went out to Sauvie's Island to Kruger's Farm, chosen for it's obvious appeal to kids...and also because they serve beer. 

We went up to the barn first and grabbed some sausages for lunch and few cold ones.  Viola took a pony ride which was one of the cutest things ever.  Then we headed out to the patch to find the perfect pumpkins.  Jake crawled around in the dirt standing up on any pumpkin that would hold him.  Viola was a big help with Brian searching for the just the right pumpkin.  We got our pumpkins weighed and paid for them, grabbed a couple more beers and headed to the corn maze.  We wandered around in there, took some pictures, enjoyed the sunshine, and then called it a day!  It was a great day at the patch where everyone had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately about a week later our larger of two pumpkins that we bought was stolen off of our front porch.  I liked to think they were just borrowing it, going to carve it and then bring it back....but I haven't seen it yet.  

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