Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Palm Desert 2015

We had another amazing trip to Palm Desert this year.  We spent two full weeks with my parents.  It was a little different having two kiddos there instead of one, we didn't get a lot of "down time"...or any.  We had a ton of fun. I flew by myself with the boys down there and it went really well.  I was worried because we had a 5pm flight which is a lot of times when the wheels really come off for the day, but the kids rallied and were so good.  I basically fed Bo non-stop and Jake watched some "Curious George" on the iPad and eating snacks.  We only had one problem when Bo finally fell asleep on my arm after nursing and Jake dropped the iPad between the seat and wall.  That wasn't good.  Otherwise we made it and both boys got a good night's sleep.  We rented a crib for Jake which he slept in in the bedroom.  Bo slept in a pack'n'play in the little study and I slept on a mattress in the living room.  We all fit beautifully and quickly fell into a nice little routine.  

Our days looked something like this, wake up in the 5's with Bo (with one exception where both kids slept until after 6 and it was the most magical thing ever), play in the living room, breakfast, cartoons, sunscreen, and get dressed.  Take a walk over to the Westin for Bo's morning nap, get coffee and visit the ducks, bunnies, golf course, and anything else Jake thought was interesting.  Then we would walk home and Bo might sleep a little longer on the deck.  When he got up we would go to the pool for a quick swim before lunch and naps.  More play on the deck in the afternoon, happy hour, maybe a dinner out or a golf cart ride, George, and bedtime. 

The kid did well sleeping overall.  Bo slept through the night the first week, the second week he got up at 4-something to eat and then went back to sleep.  He never took a nap in his crib, but took two good stroller naps everyday, meanwhile I got some exercise which I never get anymore so that was nice.  Jake was too excited to nap the first 3 days and then only took one every other day or so the rest of the trip.  He spent time in his crib though and if he never slept and we went out to dinner he usually fell asleep on our way in the car, but seemed happy to wake up to eat and request "one more stop" on the ride home...frozen yogurt.  Gampy was in heaven to have a little buddy who wanted a frozen treat every night too.  

Jake did a great job in the water with his puddle jumper on, getting more brave everyday.  I got Bo in the water a few times, but he wasn't quite sure about it.  Its crazy to even think about that trip now and how much Bo has changed since then (2 1/2 months later!) It was fun to have Brian there for a long weekend and Jake loved playing with Papa in the pool.  

We also got to celebrate Easter and my 35th birthday while we were there.  For Easter I had brought a bunch of stuff to make their baskets.  Mimi had some gifts and also got plastic eggs to put some change in and hide around the condo.  Jake LOVED it.  He was so cute looking for the eggs and asking about the Easter bunny.  We talked about the eggs, the presents (especially the jelly beans), and the bunny for several weeks afterward.  

Despite some stressful times for my sister and husband across the country we did have a lot of laughs and fun with the littles.  We had a WELL DESERVED happy hour every night and I am pretty sure my Mom took a beer to bed with her a couple times.  Hahaha

We are so grateful to Mimi and Gampy for letting us crash another one of their vacations.  As always, they were so awesome with the circus in town.  I can't wait for next year and hopefully a day or two of cousin fun too!

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