Saturday, November 10, 2012

38 Weeks

This would be my last pregnant chalkboard picture, however, I certainly didn't think that at the time.  I absolutely loved being pregnant.  I don't miss it now that I have a real baby, but I really did love the time.  I feel lucky to have felt as good as I did especially after the first 13 weeks.  Pregnancy agrees with me I guess.  I hope I can remember the moments for a while because it was such a special time to bond with my new buddy. 

Things I will remember about my pregnancy:
The day we got the positive test, it still brings tears to my eyes
The first ultrasound where a little gummy bear was moving inside me and that lovely little heartbeat
The first morning I woke up with morning sickness, exactly 6 weeks and for the next 6 or so weeks I just wouldn't quite be myself
Telling my parents we were expecting in Palm Desert
Telling my sister I was pregnant as she packed up to move to New York, just 5 weeks at the time
Feeling the baby move for the first time, feeling it move everyday for months after and loving every nudge
Going for a run and stopping to pee 800 times
A ridiculous, and pretty annoyingly acute sense of smell
Brian's chuckles in the 3rd trimester when I would get undressed for bed and he would wonder who that is crawling into bed with him
Passing by people, strangers, and getting a smile just because I had a baby in my belly
Maternity clothes
The feeling that everyday I was doing something pretty cool without even trying. 

38 weeks...and the rest is history...

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