Wednesday, October 24, 2012

37 Weeks

Full term.  There is a full term baby inside of me. Holy cow.
You know I used to sometimes snicker at other people as they spoke about pregnancy and giving birth, talking about it like they were the first ones to ever do it.  I mean people have been doing this for millions of years right?  Well, I take back all my snickering, because now I understand when you are in it, it is the most fascinating miracle ever.  We are having a baby and yes, millions of people have done it millions of times - but we haven't. For the first time the combination of these two people is being created. That is just too darn cool. 

A little more of an exciting doctor appointment this past week...not just the regular pee in a cup, blood pressure, pulse, heart beat routine..but an actual exam.  Just to find that there is some progress and this body is gearing up to welcome Peanut. 

1cm and 50% effaced

Well, apologies if that was too much information, but as I will soon be measuring my life in centimeters  and ounces, it is only fitting. 

Can't wait to meet Peanut. 

By the way, we have had to move into the nursery, wet, cold, dark nights are upon us. 

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