Monday, October 8, 2012

Jennapalooza: Ping Pong Birthday

What are you going to do after all those birthday beauty treatments?  Well, dinner and ping pong...naturally. 

After a nice group dinner at Trebol for some mexican food Jenna had scheduled a little invite through facebook to show off her ping pong skills.  Before we left the restaurant though she had to open her personalized paddle and eat a ping pong themed cupcake.  Kristen really out did herself!

These girls and their friends are all 5 to 10 years younger than us...but they still invited their pregnant married couple friends and it is these nights that remind us we can still be fun!  Plus, I  even stayed out until close to midnight.  Woohoo!

Game face ladies

Tequila shots 

A paddle only fit for the birthday girl

Pong gear...of course

How can you resist this group?  Seriously heartbreakers. 

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