Friday, October 12, 2012

35 Weeks

Here it is at 35 weeks.  I can't believe I am already near the end.  It has gone so fast, almost too fast.  It feels scary that there is a real little person in there that is going to be completely dependent on us.  On "us" - two people who still feel like kids. We'll be ready though, when we take that first car trip home from the hospital, that is going to be pure crazy.  Hello, we have a kid - OUR KID- in the the heck did that happen?

At 35 weeks pregnant I was promoted into a new job that I will start when I return from maternity leave.  I am going to be the North America Merchandising Director for Women's Training.  It's a great new opportunity and the timing could not be better.  It is truly tough for me to even comprehend at this point, but will be a great new adventure in a few months.  

Until then, I'll be working on my primary jobs of mommy and wife.  In the end, those are the only ones that matter anyway.  Who will really remember how many sports bras we sold when I was around?

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  1. Big congratulations on your promotion! I feel bad as I didn't comment on it when we were over the other night ... because Sam hadn't told me about it. So exciting and can't wait to get more details - all your hard work has paid off and so many people are lucky to have pretty much the nicest boss in the world.