Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby's first holiday - Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lanter family and Baby Jake!
He of course had to have a commemorative onesie which he wore the day before Thanksgiving to get into the thankful spirit. 
On Thanksgiving Day Papa got up and made us a huge breakfast - pancakes, orange juice, toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage.  It was a special treat and we even ate it at the table.  I am pretty sure it was the first meal we got to eat at the same time since Jake arrived. The whole family got in their Detroit Lions gear and hunkered down for a morning of football.  The Lions lost, but we all pulled it together and ventured out on our Thanksgiving parade to show off this sweet baby.  First stop to the Lanter's and then off to Auntie Tutu's house.  When we got to Auntie Tutu I sat in the living room and nursed Jake while people came by to chat and feed me and Brian. It was a hectic, but lovely day with family. 

Later in the weekend we went to see the Heeter's, introduce Jake and Cruz (who we are certain to have some fun antics together in their future.)  We also went on the annual "Burnham Family Christmas Tree" outing.  Brian saves up all year to complain about this one morning that probably takes a little over 3 hours in total.  We drive out Scholls Ferry Road to a nice farm to pick out the perfect tree for the season.  It is a little bit of a ride out there, but tradition reigns in this family and so for one morning Brian sucks it up and packs into the car with Dick behind the wheel to celebrate a Christmas ritual. 
On Monday when Brian went back to work, Jake and I decorated the tree.  While, he really kind of just slept through it, but our house was officially ready for the holiday season. 

Jake's first holiday season was off to a great start!

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