Monday, January 28, 2013

Jake Month 1

Brian stayed home almost 3 weeks.  It was so great having him at home.  He did EVERYTHING so that I could focus on Jake.  When he went back to work I was nervous, but we quickly got into a routine.  I am not one to sit around the house, so we got ourselves up, showered and dressed every single day.  I don't think Jake has had a day in his young life where he hasn't gotten some fresh air.  Mom insists. 

We would eat, walk to Starbucks, eat again, head out on an errand or two, eat again, sleep in there once in a while and just get to know this new life.  In his first month he was more awake than I thought he would be, but he did sleep a lot.  It took us all month to figure out the feeding, but we got it as he started sucking better.  It took him a little bit to get back to birth weight, he got as low as 7 lbs 5oz. Once he started on the up swing he hasn't slowed down one bit.  He is a sweet little boy who loves cuddles and only cries when he is telling you something important - hungry or tired.  The first month is a little bit of a blur, and after the first 2 weeks of waking him to feed every 2 to 3 hours we got into the swing of things and he was demanding meals very regularly. I was starving all the time. I packed snacks for upstairs to have in the nursery.  I took that water cup that they give you at the hospital everywhere...later that cup was the only casualty when I fell down the stairs on a very sleep deprived day.   I remember being really tired and never having more than 2-3 hours of consecutive sleep, also spending 1-2 hours awake when we would get up to eat.  New Mama and new baby make for silly combination trying to figure things out in the middle of the night.  I would do it all again and next time not worry about the clock or the "rules", but I don't feel like I wasted time worrying.  I appreciated every quiet little moment, even in the middle of the night with my sweetie.  Toward the end of the month we ventured out for our first meal out as a family with our favorite family the Powells.  Lunch at Besaw's, Jake slept and Viola entertained us with her antics.  Hard to believe that will be a silly little Jake someday. 

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