Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Favorites

I have been meaning to do this post for a long time.  When you are pregnant and you have many generous friends and family members like I do you get a lot of great gear!  You quickly find that every Mom has her favorites and passes on that knowledge.  Then when you have your own baby it takes some time to sift through all of the stuff and figure out what you really love, what works for you and your baby and how that changes over time. 

Baby carriers are a great example.  I was always scared that Jake was too low or too pressed up against me when he was really small in the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo carrier, I was too incompetent to tie the Moby Wrap, so the Baby K'tan became the solution for us. Then he got a little bigger and I went to the Ergo and quickly found he would take 2 hour naps in there, so that was the favorite.  Then it was time for Jake to learn to nap in his crib (still learning by the way) and so if I want him to stay awake and see the world he faces out in the Bjorn!  Holy cow, that is 3 big investments right there.  We were lucky enough to get hand-me-downs!

So I tried to narrow it down to those few items in the first 3 months that I used everyday and couldn't imagine living without! 

From left upper corner clockwise:
Bundle-me - I really wish I would have invented this, pretty much genius.  It is basically a sleeping bag for your baby that goes into the infant car seat (or later stroller in toddler size) and you never need a blanket.  They fall off all the time, but this never will, cozy and secure!  We were lucky enough to get 3 different weights. We had a weather protected one for rain, fleece for really cold, and now we are into a lightweight for Spring. 

Little Giraffe Blankets - All you need to do is touch one of these to understand why they are so great. They wash well, the feel amazing and they come in great colors. They aren't cheap, but it just makes sense.  

Dwell Play Blanket - This might seem a surprising choice.  The woodland series is what we have in Jake's room, but the pattern doesn't matter.  This is like the down comforter for kids.  It is a fluffy blanket that can be put on the hardest of floors (such as bathroom tile where he laid while I showered) and be a comfy place to be!

Snap'n'go Stroller - We might just wear out the tires on this guy before he gets officially retired someday.  These are a lifesaver.  The car seat just clicks in and you are on your way.  They fold up small and easy and are perfect for inside shopping or at the table in restaurants because it is so compact. I used to think I wouldn't want to walk very far with it because it doesn't exactly have a shock system, but the little guy went all over NYC and we never heard a peep!

Aden and Anais Burp Bibs - Perfectly contoured for your shoulder and thick enough to absorb the 
spit-up rather than just smear it around.  To be honest, cloth diapers probably work just as well, but well, they just aren't as cute. 

Sleep Sheep Travel Version - White noise for the little man and in a cute little sheep that can strap onto pretty much anything.  When we stopped using this for Jake, Brian and I really missed the sounds of the ocean sending us to sleep. 

So next time any of you are buying a baby present, don't forget to consider one of these, I guarantee the Mama will thank you!

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