Thursday, March 28, 2013

Five Months Old

Happy 5 Months to sweet Jake!
At 5 months old Jake was:

17 lbs 8 oz
27 inches

Jake is getting big!  He sits up well when assisted, he has rolled from his tummy to his back a handful of times but still isn't sure he is that into moving at all.  He sucks his thumb, not consistently the same hand or just his thumb, but you definitely see it go into his mouth in his crib or when he is getting tired. His sleeping is going great.  His night sleeping is so good that I don't even want to write about it.  The minute you publish that stuff it changes.  Lets just say since we did the sleep training around 4 months that he has really gotten the hang of things.  Rested baby and happy Mama.  There were a lot of firsts this month, the roll-over, facing out in the Bjorn carrier as well as the Bob stroller for the first times, and moves all over his crib.  I always put him down the same way, but he sometimes ends up with his feet where his head started.   He is still a great eater (obviously with those rolls!) and he pushes on my boob when he eats, just in a gentle, "this is good stuff Mom, thanks" kind of way.  He also takes breaks and looks up with huge smiles and sometimes coos.  He just likes a little conversation with his meals.  He giggles now and I basically spend all day trying to hear it.  He laughs at himself in the mirror, when you take off his shirt to change his clothes, or when you snort like a pig.  We also have a song we sing after diaper changes that is a shout out to Grampy, it goes like this "All tucked in and ready to go, ready to go, ready to go..." and then you just repeat it with the jazzy tune I made up.  He suddenly likes to put weight on his legs and when you have him stand in front of the mirror it is a double bonus.  He grabs for everything, anything he can reach and if it makes a new sound, even better.   He recently found his legs and I am sure his little feet will be soon discovered. Jake is a chatter box, he especially likes to talk first thing in the morning and around 5 at night before his bath.  He coos and chatters and likes to turn up the volume.  He can often be found "singing" himself to sleep, just letting it all out for the day.  When I feed him in the middle of the night and change his diaper he looks up at me with huge smiles in the dark room. He protests naps because he really just wants to snuggle.  He could be screaming his head off in the crib and the minute I walk in the door I get an ear to ear grin, little stinker knows what it sounds like when footsteps are on the stairs to come "save him."  We hold hands when he is in the Bjorn and bath time continues as a highlight in the day.  

Love doesn't seem like a word strong enough to capture how I feel about my buddy Jake.  I can't believe he is my did I get so lucky?

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  1. He is the cutest little boy and has THE BEST MAMA!!