Friday, March 8, 2013

"OUR" maternity leave

When I was pregnant with Jake my Mom and I always referred to my upcoming leave as "OUR" maternity leave.  That seems like just yesterday.  Now little Jake is over 4 months old and my parents head to Palm Desert tomorrow until April 22nd, the day before I go back to work.  I'm going down for a sun-filled 10 days before that, but today marked the end of our time at home in Portland together. We were Portland tourists and we decided to do something we both had never done, ride the OHSU aerial tram.  On a beautiful spring like day I can't think of anything better.  Jake was pretty stoked about his ride too.  I think we took as many pictures of him as we did the view.  To top it off we enjoyed a little lunch from PB & J's, our favorite Portland food cart. 

Mama (Grammy) - Thank you for all of the fun the past few months.  I'm going to miss my buddy the next few weeks and I know Jake will miss his Grammy too.  
Some of my favorites memories of OUR maternity leave:
the 500 lattes you bought me (literally)
our walks
our overnight "vacations" to Grammy and Grampy's house - more good laughs here.
lunches at our favorite spots - Foster & Dobbs, PB& J's
shopping trips - Jake's first trip to Nordstrom (and many more to follow)
cooking a turkey
eating lots of your homemade cookies
eating pretty much every time I walked in your house since it was always the one thing that didn't get done in the morning
photo shoots with Jake using various props 
texting you every detail of "sleep train" week one
knowing every morning I would get a text asking "how was your night?" and getting a little sympathy when it wasn't the best

Most of all I have loved to watch my Mom become a Grandma, a seriously mushy-gushy Grammy and feel so lucky to have you to go to when I have a question or a completely irrational concern about my son. I love you lots and wouldn't give up the last 4 months for anything.  OUR maternity leave has been some of the best days of my life. 


  1. OUR maternity leave was better than my own! I had all the fun but none of the sleepless nights! I loved every minute of our time together! It's a good thing we like to walk, drink our morning coffee, eat P B and J's weekly or more.... And most of all OOOH and AHHH over Jake's every move. Together we are the gushiest mom and Grammy ever and I love every minute of it! Also, I KNOW we have a lot of fun ahead of us!!

  2. seriously???I JUST CRIED AGAIN!!! AT WORK...AT MY DESK. SO EMBARRASSING. For the first time, it made me want to move home :(