Saturday, March 2, 2013

Four Months Old

Happy 4 Months to sweet Jake!
At 4 months old Jake was:

16 lbs
26 inches

Jake changed a lot this month.  He has new tricks nearly everyday.  He is always full of smiles, he loves to coo and babble.  He has figured out how to turn up the volume and is proud of himself with his squeals make us laugh.  He watches my every move and is still such a sweetie to lay on a blanket or sit in his chair and play while I get ready in the morning or make a little something to eat.  He is a snuggler.  He loves hugs and kisses.  He grabs at toys and holds onto them.  He has discovered "loveys" and has a monkey that he is always holding onto or eating.  He is a great nurser, only takes about 20 minutes to feed him now and he eats about 7 times a day.  He loves to be on the move, he now stares out the window in the carseat, which is adorable.  He is big enough to be in the Ergo and look around.  He is still a good night sleeper, but he was getting harder and harder to put back to sleep after he ate.  His naps are irregular and not very long and we discovered the only way to get him to sleep a couple of hours was to wear him in the Ergo around the house or on a walk.  He would sleep for 2 hours.  We felt we owed it to Jake so we had to break our bad habits and help him learn to sleep on his own.  That has been tough and you can see more about it here.
Jake can roll up on his side and gets stronger all the time.  On his tummy he will get up on his arms and put his chest in the air.  His head is strong and he just started sitting in his Bumbo chair.  He is the sweetest little boy, always giving smiles to strangers when we are out and about.  I treasure every single day with my friend Jake.

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