Saturday, November 2, 2013

One Year Old!

Happy ONE Year to sweet Jake!
At one year old Jake was:
24 lbs 2 oz
31 1/2  inches

The big birthday is finally upon us!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.  I am so glad I will have this journal to look back on to remember all of his exciting little milestones.  We did something a little different with the chalkboard this time hoping that it would be more sustainable over the next several years (17 more to be exact.)  While the year mark is a huge milestone, my thoughts and emotions on that are for another post.  Here I want to be sure to capture Jake's 12th month because it was a big one in terms of his little personality developing more and more.

Jake is still a great little sleeper.  He takes 2 naps a day most of the time still and his longer one is definitely in the morning.  At night he is still asleep between 6:30 and 7pm and if he isn't overly tired that only routine is usually a breeze.  Going into this month I was only nursing him once a day and that happened at night before bed.  I did that for about 10 days and then Jake started boycotting one side. Honestly, I could understand, it was so small I think he probably got 5 drops of milk when he tried. :) So for about 3 days we only did one side and then one night he just looked at it with confusion (and maybe some disgust) and that was it.  We read some books, sang some songs and off to bed we went.  So now we still have the 3 B's - which were Bath, Boob, are Bath, Books, Bed.  I was sad that night, in fact it was hard for me to read him my story through my tears, but then it was ok.  Jake did it on his terms and we really had a good run together.  The quiet intimacy of nursing was what I ended up loving the well as the pride in seeing those fat little thighs develop all because of what I gave him.  Jake never had formula, there is nothing wrong with formula, but it was really important to me to breastfeed and we accomplished that goal.

So, from Mama's milk to Cow's milk and the transition was seamless.  I had about 50 ounces of frozen milk still in the basement from when I pumped last spring and we went through that before we moved on.  I quickly learned to love putting him in his high chair with his straw cup and having a chance to use the bathroom or something while he enjoyed some good old fashioned whole milk.  He is still a great eater and is certainly finding ways to assert himself more at mealtimes.  If he doesn't like what I bring out he will wait in his chair and stair at me in the kitchen until I bring out something else. I can't complain though, overall he continues to be a healthy and adventurous eater.  Some of his favorite foods are any carbs - pancakes, pasta, waffles, toast - PB&J sandwiches, yogurt, hummus, any fruit, anything in the squash family and sweet potato.  He also likes peas, but green beans are not his favorite.  Cheese is good and avocado too.  He just started eating from a bowl with his hands and enjoyed some chili this week.  Great dinner, but bad diaper.

Jake pulls up to standing all the time and cruises along furniture easily.  He walks on his toes often and stands at my legs or on a wall if he just wants to get up.  He waves bye-bye and welcomes Papa with squeals of excitement every night when he gets home.  He loves to push anything, but especially cars or push toys.  We went to several indoor parks this month and Jake would spend the whole time with one toy, pushing a little car around on his knees.  They are still a little too fast for him to walk behind.  He loves the shutters and blinds, but Mama doesn't want him to pinch his fingers.  He puts his hand to his mouth and chants, but it is the back of his hand, so cute.  He also holds the phone to his ear when I say "hello, hello, hello", many times it is the back of his hand too.  He loves peek-a-boo and that is almost always guaranteed a smile.  He likes to stick his finger in mouths and touch teeth.  He will ask to be picked up and point at the pens in the kitchen, grab one, then point at the calendar on the door so he can "write" on it like Mama does when we have appointments.  He puts toys inside each other now which is so fun to watch.  Probably the best trick he has this month is "Touchdown"...after 5 days of intense training with Mama and Papa, when you mention that special word, both arms fly up in the air.  He is pretty proud of it and we will randomly get a touchdown now and then.  Jake understands so many things that we say to him.  He knows objects like "ball" and to throw it if we say.  He opens his mouth when I say "show me what is in your mouth."  He knows "no thank you" and he shakes his head when he gets close to something he isn't supposed to play with.  He says "uh oh" and uses it in the right context. Basically, he is a genius, if you ask his Mama.

Jake loves his books.  I will often find him quieting crawling to his book shelf or his basket of books downstairs and taking one out and turning through the pages.  My favorite is when the book is upside down and he looks totally absorbed by the story.

I am anxious for Jake to walk, but I love watching him crawl.  His little booty shakes back and forth and is just the cutest ever.  I know he will still come to me and snuggle even after he starts walking, but I love when I get down on the floor with him and no matter what he is busy doing he will stop and crawl over up into my lap for a little visit and smash his little face into my leg, or my stomach, or my chest.  I love this age, I have loved all the ages and all the seasons and stages.  Watching him learn and discover and communicate everyday brings me more joy than I ever thought possible.
Happy Birthday sweet baby Jake.

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