Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jake's 1st Birthday Party

We decided that for Jake's birthday party we would invite a lot of people, pray for good weather, and host his festivities at a park with a covered area.  We reserved Wallace Park in northwest Portland and got a beautiful October day to celebrate.  Jake loves trucks, especially the loud ones so we chose that for his theme.  I found plates and napkins at an online party store with all primary colors.  With the help of Michael's and the Dollar store I put together gift bags for all of the kids.  Those turned out to be a big hit so I am glad I did that.  I made cupcake toppers with some cute paper and stickers I found on Amazon that matched the plates.  I bought a banner off of Etsy (glad there are creative Moms out there.)  We served all finger food, cupcakes and amazing iced truck cookies baked a decorated by a  Mom too!  Turns out I had WAY TOO MUCH food and drinks and people don't really eat at kid's parties that are at 3pm, but oh well.  Brian and I enjoyed cupcakes for the next several nights and I was able to give a lot away.

Jake wore a "ONE" t-shirt with a dump truck on it that I got on Etsy as well.  (Can you tell I am addicted to other people's craftiness?)

Jake fell asleep on the way to his own party so he was a little shy when he got there, but he warmed up quickly and enjoyed time with all of his friends and family.  When it came time for a cupcake I gave him Vanilla, next year we will do chocolate for sure.  He really didn't care for the frosting, but it was a little hard so I think that was probably the problem.  He did a good job on the cake portion though.  It was a great day and we feel very lucky to have so many close friends and family who love our little nugget too.  We know some of the best kind of people around and Jake's birthday was such a great excuse to have a few laughs and beer in the park with all of them too!

Banner can be found here.
T-shirt can be found here.

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