Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I still have some updates from the 2013 holiday season and I feel like if I publish those before Valentine's Day then I am still in good shape.  The last few months have been a whirlwind and as I look forward to 2014 and my napping toddler stirring in his crib I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

So I figured I should probably make a few goals for myself this year.

- Exercise more than I did last year (I can tell you already I will fail here)
- Create less garbage
- AT LEAST once a week do something fun with Brian
- Blog consistently
- Read 6 books

That's it!  That is completely attainable, don't you think?

Here is why I chose these -
Exercise - obvious, but it is the one thing that I have not made time for in this first year with a child. I have found it incredibly difficult to exercise regularly.  That's a huge adjustment for the person who worked out 7 days a week and started EVERY day that way.  I used to run 10 miles every Saturday.  I haven't run 10 miles since early 2012. Yikes.

Garbage - we have trash pick-up every other week and recycling and compost every week.  We had to get a bigger can from the trash company because we always fill it and have overflow.  Granted, we had a lot of diapers this year, but we have a lot of other trash too.  I'll be honest, I am on garbage duty and on trash day I am embarrassed that we have the biggest (fullest) can on the block. What the hell is in there???  So I bought a countertop compost and am doing my best to be sure compost and recycle are used as much as possible.

Fun - Brian and I are both tired at the end of the day and most nights we end up eating dinner (with the TV on) and then watching mindless shows or sports all night until bed.  We both need some nights like that but we were getting sick of every night being like that.  So we created a new system…but honestly that is a post by itself…coming soon.

Blog - I like this place, I like writing (mostly about my kid), but about me too and going back to read it later.  I don't care if only like 4 people read it, it isn't for them anyway.  It's for us, a place to document our adventures, a place to have a creative outlet, and a place to post my baby's face all over.

Read - Yep, that would be 6 more books than I read last year. Embarrassing, but true. So one every 2 months, seems totally possible, although it is February 1st and I haven't started one yet….

Keep me honest you four regular readers. Keep me honest.


  1. oh you know i will keep you honest. i don't know how you are going to do all these things...but i trust that you will try try try. i just see some things maybe getting in the way?!

  2. I'll keep you honest, too. So glad to see some new posts. :)