Saturday, February 1, 2014

Colorado Thanksgiving 2013

This year for Thanksgiving we headed to Colorado to introduce Jake to the Burnham side of things and all the crazy that comes with that.  It was an epic weekend of beautiful weather, good food, good laughs and great family.  

We had a little bit of a rough start. Brian met us at the airport after a long 11 days on work travel to Brazil, after traveling for 24 hours he boarded a plane with a toddler who was very happy to see him!  We were delayed on the tarmac for several hours making a very late arrival, and overly tired Jake to Colorado.  After some good sleep we got things on track the next day to enjoy Ray and Carol's beautiful home and city of Ft.Collins.   We had all day on Wednesday to mentally prepare for the onslaught of crazy family that would arrive on Thursday.  

Thursday was the perfect Thanksgiving.  I truly don't know how Ray and Carol pull it off and make it look as effortless as they did.  The food was amazing and every single person (except my cousin Bryan) was there to celebrate.  There were three generations in attendance and one from the fourth generation on the way.  It was so much fun to introduce Jake to all of his cousins and to see everyone.  No holiday is complete without three Aussies and my sister dressed as a pilgrim so that should be mentioned too.  Good times all around on a long holiday weekend. 

All photo credit goes to Grammy. 

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