Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2013 Holiday Season & Sunriver

Writing about the Holiday season in May seems a little silly, but we had so much fun and there were so many great pictures I wanted to be sure I captured it.  Instead of writing a long story of all of our adventures I used the picture captions below.  There are two parts to our "Christmas Break", first in Portland for the Christmas holiday and then in Sunriver through New Years.  In just 6 months I'll be writing about this again!
Brian and I spent our first night away, we went downtown for great date night; dinner, drinks, and brunch the next day. I believe we also made #2, but thats a story for a different day and not the internet. :)

So Jakey got a great night and morning with Grammy and Grampy who stayed at our house.  He had a wagon ride to Starbucks and even got coffee cake!
The annual "Burnham Family Christmas Tree Hunt" - Brian loves this day, as you can see here.

Trying to get a Christmas Card picture. I loved it because I thought he still looked like a baby, but Brian thought he looked like a miniature Chris Farleigh. 
Trip to see Santa at the downtown Macy's. 

My old sweatshirt and some thighs to die for. 
Pre-Christmas Eve at Antie Tu Tu's and Uncle Carl's

Christmas Eve day, a quick surprise trip to Grammy and Grampy's in his festive clothes

Christmas Day, morning with the Burnhams, evening with the Lanters, a lovely holiday with one spoiled kid.




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