Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jake 18 Months Old

Jake at 18 Months: 

All About Jake

Height: 33 3/4 inches
Weight: 26 lbs 8 oz

Jake's sleeping habits are:
Since Jake has turned 15 months old he has gone through a few different stages.  He went through a stage where he had a hard time falling asleep at night and he didn't want me to hold him, but I would sit in the chair and sing until he fell asleep.  The night before we left for Palm Desert he slept with us, he hogged the bed and woke up at 4:20 so we won't be doing that again for a while.  He had a few nights where he would go to bed fine and then wake up really upset sometime between 9:30 and 11pm.  He usually wakes up between 5:30 and 6 am, but we rarely get him from his crib before 6.  When we were in the desert, a few weeks before 18 months he started taking 2 hour naps everyday consistently and continued that (or sometimes even longer!) after getting home.  Just a couple weeks before our vacation Jake discovered his stuffed Dog (now known as Big Doggie) that his Aunt Danielle gave him.  He never really had a security item before that.  He came on our trip and I think is one reason night times are so easy.  He added a second stuffed animal, Little Doggie (pictured above), when we got home and he is a more manageable size for the little guy to carry around.  Both join Jake in his crib for naps and bedtime and "doggie" (or "papa") is usually the first word he says when we go get him.  

Jake's favorite foods are:
Jake has some new chompers to help out his eating.  A couple molars on the bottom cut through just before our vacation.  He also has 4 front teeth on the bottom now, but has had those for a while.  He loves cereal, both dry or in a bowl with milk (very messy) and enjoys oatmeal too.  He would eat plain yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He still likes every kind of fruit and discovered honey-wheat pretzels while in the desert.  He likes to dip them in hummus and suck the hummus off, not actually eating the pretzel sometimes.  He still doesn't eat what we eat, but he is a lot more adventurous than he has been the past several months.  I am still convinced it is just a developmental milestone for him to exert his independence as it comes to meals.  If you know Jake, you know he will certainly make it known what he wants. 

Jake's favorite books are:
Jake still loves the Carl books, all about a dog that is also a babysitter.  The books have no words, but he loves the stories.  He also loves the Spot flap and lift books.  Anything curious george is usually a hit, sometimes the same story (Ice cream surprise and Pancake social) several times in a row.  He went through a stage for a few weeks where he wouldn't let me read any books before bed or naps.  He wanted to do his shape sorter blocks, and when you do those each a few times a day for a few weeks, well lets just say that "circle" is one of his first words and I think he has memorized where each shape goes.  

Jake's talks about:
At about 16 1/2 months Jake started to babble all the time.  You could tell he was ready to talk, but the words just weren't there yet…then just after 17 months the words started coming.  While we were in Palm Desert he was probably adding one word a day.  When we got there it was just a few and when we left it was close to 20 including calling us Mama and Papa for the first times.  Good job Grammy…she was on a mission to teach him that.  He also knew "raffle" (waffle),  "druck" (truck), "car", "hot", "all done",  "again", "bye", and "dog" to name a few. 

Jake's new tricks include:
Jake took swim lessons for the first time.  We had 10 classes over 5 weeks at the community center.  We mostly just sang and played in the water but Jake learned about front and back floats and putting his mouth in to blow bubbles (or in his case just drink the pool water). Jake's talking is definitely his cutest and most exciting new trick, but he also likes to run now too.  Along with all of his words, his animals sounds are still top notch and include a bumble bee and a snake.  I'll be honest when I say I know he has other fun new tricks, but I lost some of the details of the past 3 months in the fog of first trimester nausea.

Jake loves to:
Above all else, Jake loves to be outside.  Rain or shine we have spent a lot of time outside.  Mostly we just walk around, sometimes with a bucket or a broom or a bag, but most of the time just exploring.  Jake also likes bubbles and anything that makes bubbles, person or machine.  Jake loves to entertain but he gets very shy in front of strangers or people unfamiliar.  With the exception of his Mama and Papa, grandparents and aunts, he stays pretty close to Mama until he is sure.  Auntie Stephie (Ti Ti Boom) came to visit us from NYC in February, unfortunately I wasn't feeling too great for her visit, but Jakey sure liked having her here.  Her visits are never long enough and then she has to go far away again, but as Jake gets older he will know his Ti Ti better and better.  We had a big snowstorm in Portland and Jake got to experience a sled (which he did not like at all) and playing in the snow (which he thought was ok.) Regardless, it was a special treat for his parents who got a long weekend to spend as a family. We also spent a long weekend in Sunriver at Grammy and Grampy's new house.  I felt terrible most of the time, but Jake and Grammy spent a lot of time outside together despite the cool and wet conditions. Most of the time Jake was dragging something he found in the garage behind him.  Around Valentine's day Grammy and I took Jake to a wall in NW Portland for a photoshoot and he was such a ham.  This little guy loves the spotlight.  Jake got his first haircut as well.  I was getting in for a bang trim and he sat on my lap for his first few snips.  He really didn't like it, but looked so handsome when it was done. Since then he has had 2 more cuts, this time with Papa and he did much better!

I'll never be able to capture the sound of Jake's little voice for those first few words or all of his little looks and expressions in the blog, but as much as possible I am trying to keep those memories close.  I have loved every stage with this little guy and I can confidently say that I haven't missed a thing.  I feel like we are beginning a new stage now though, one that I am really going to like even more.  This kid has got a lot of personality and I think our fun has just begun. 

Jake's adventures (15-18 months):


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  1. As always, your memories of Jake are priceless.