Monday, May 19, 2014

Jakey Does the Desert

I came home from 2 1/2 weeks in Palm Desert with 706 pictures that my Mom had taken, and I am not lying, they were all good.  Once again I have to say how LUCKY we are to have this photography of our family and our Jake.  It is simply the most priceless thing we have.  Our vacation was fabulous.  I hope Grammy and Grampy liked having us as much as we enjoyed staying with them.  I'm not sure we will be able to go for as long next year with two kids…my parent's might disown me, but this year was great.  Days were filled with bubbles, water play, pool time, golf cart rides, long walks, new toys, fun with Grammy and Grampy, meals on the patio watching golfers, and lots of Jake entertainment.  Brian came down for about 5 days and we loved having Papa there.  Jake didn't want to let him out of his sight.  Jake was the man of the hour, every hour, at least every hour that he was awake.  He took great naps and I didn't have any housework so I read while he slept and finished my first book in two years!! My Mom even made me lunch…talk about a vacation! 

When we first got there Jake was scared of the sprinklers, the wind, standing barefoot on the grass, bugs, and the water.  When we left, he was chasing the sprinklers, running down to the golf course in his diaper, chasing bugs, and swimming like a pro.  He loved oatmeal time with Grampy and would stand as close to him as possible, many days on his actual foot.  He would run onto my bed "mattress on the floor" and wait for Grammy to find him for tickles and rough house.  He entertained us on the putting green at the golf course and loved exploring the hotel stairs.  He loved riding in the golf cart and would sit so still on Grammy's lap while she drove, just enjoying the sights.  One day he sat so still he actually fell asleep.  It was precious.  He got a "shave" or two everyday from Grampy and learned the word "cute" because we always said that about his little Resort outfits.  He played golf with Papa and laughed hysterically at Papa's pool games, usually involving throwing something.  He had his first ice cream sandwich which he was supposed to share with Mama, but he stole the whole thing.  He smiled and laughed, learned lots of new words and had a wonderful time in the desert.  We can't wait until next year!

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