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Jake 15 Months Old

 Jake at 15 Months: 

All About Jake

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz

Jake's sleeping habits are:
 Jake is a great sleeper.  He started taking just one nap a day just after his first birthday.  His nap is usually an hour to an hour and twenty minutes.  His nap is pretty early in the day because he still isn't quite used to being on one nap.  He has to go down for naps asleep, or very close, but at night he puts himself to sleep.  Most nights he goes down easy after a few songs but once in a while he wants me to stay until he is asleep.  He RARELY needs us in the middle of the night anymore.  He had a couple rough nights but he was getting a cold, poor guy.  He still goes to bed early, between 6:30 and 7pm and is up before 6am on most days. 

Jake's favorite foods are:
  Jake has a scrambled egg, a waffle, a glass of milk and some fruit pretty much everyday for breakfast. He has a PB& J and some fruit for most lunches.  Dinner is still tough, he likes a lot of good food, they just aren't vegetables or meat.  Many times he won't try something if it looks different.  I don't battle him, seems hardly worth it, but as he gets older we will need to eat as a family and he will eat what we eat.  For now he enjoys plain greek yogurt, all fruit, Mama's homemade applesauce, meatloaf, hummus, avocado, cheese, and of course all bread products.  There are more, but those are the favorites.  He recently discovered that he can dip things and enjoys a couple crackers in his hummus.  He completely feeds himself and is quite skilled with the spoon, its messy, but he loves it. 

Jake's favorite books are:
Jake loves the books about Carl the doggie.  They don't have any words in them so I just describe the story.  He always sits to the end for these.  He loves doggies.  He also likes "Won't you be my Kissaroo?" and "Hamsters Holding Hands."  For this one we count hamsters up to 10, I guess I point to the hamsters while I count because now when we get out the book he grabs my finger and points for me.  He still loves anything Sandra Boynton and will only listen to board books.  He also likes any books that make a sound, thanks to Grandma Diane, he has a few to choose from. 

Jake's talks about:
Jake has a few words like "side" for outside and "bat" for bath, but he is most talented at the animal sounds.  He has mastered what a fish says, a cow, and a dog.  He knows where is nose is and he points to it when you ask him.  His most favorite saying is "uh oh" and often uses it for things he does on purpose like throw his sippy cup on the ground.  

Jake's new tricks include:
Jake is  now a walker!   He started walking around 14 months.  At 13 months old he figured out it was very cool to be vertical and he wanted to go everywhere holding our hands and walking along.  It wasn't long after that he took a few of his first steps from Papa to Mama and a walker was born.  He was pretty sturdy from the beginning and didn't fall a lot and oh boy is it cute.  It wasn't until about 15 months that he figured out how to go from sitting to standing up on his own.  Until then he still used us or furniture to pull himself up.  

Jake loves to:
Jake loves to play peek-a-boo and will hide behind a door until we say "Where's Jake? Where did he go?" then he jumps out with a giant smile.  Usually he holds the side of the door with his chubby little hands the whole time he is "hiding."  Jake loves to play outside, loves it.  Rain or shine it doesn't matter, he is most happy exploring the outdoors.  He only walks in the dirt or the grass, of course never on the sidewalk.  He has discovered puddles and his little rain boots might be the best investment I ever made.  He claps for himself when I say "good job Jake" and beams with pride, pretty adorable.  We go to OMSI or the Children's museum about once a week now that he can walk and he most enjoys playing in the water or the sand.  He does enjoy taking the shopping carts or baskets out of the grocery areas and all over the museum.  Jake loves to get his way, you better be prepared if he doesn't.  He has been known to throw himself on the floor in a little tantrum which usually I just walk away from and he is over it in about 5 seconds.  Most of the time I can anticipate these, if I bring inside to eat before he is ready, if I take away my car keys because he keeps hitting the alarm, or if I tell him he can't play in the toilet water…mean Mommy.  He likes books before bed but HE has to pick them out and if I grab one that he doesn't approve of he lets me know, usually by swatting it away, subtle.  Jake loves to snuggle, he nestles into my chest when I sing to him at night and gives nice wet open mouth kisses.  He is the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest little button of a boy that I could imagine.  I am so in love.

Memorable moments:
First trip to the beach
Sunriver to the new house!
Halloween as a monkey
Carseat turned around the face forward
Trip to Mount Hood to see snow (which there was very little of)

Jake's adventures (12 - 15 months):

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