Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Over halfway

It doesn't seem possible that we could be more than halfway to meeting this little one.  In fact, at nearly 28 weeks now it feels our introduction to this little person is creeping up on us fast.  Since about 18 weeks I have finally felt like myself…maybe even a turbocharged version of myself and I have been reminded why I loved being pregnant the first time.  

As usual we got to see #2 at our routine anatomy scan right around 20 weeks.  Little darling was a squirmer just like their brother so the tech couldn't get all the measurements they needed.  Lucky me, I got to see the baby again at 22 weeks to finish up.  Everything looked good and normal and right away I knew we had another sweet little nugget.  Brian and I both think we are having a boy but we have chosen again to keep the gender a secret until their birthday!  I felt #2 kick a lot earlier than with Jake and it seemed stronger than I remember Jake's little movements being.  I don't feel it a lot during the day because we are so busy, but the minute we finish dinner and sit down in the evenings I look forward to a little time being reminded of the sweet miracle growing inside me.  

It feels good to have some energy back and the last several weeks since I started feeling better have been filled with projects to start to get the baby's nursery ready.  Their future room was the guest bedroom/computer room/store everything room so there was A LOT of things to move.  We also purchased an Ikea dresser and crib which both had to be assembled.  The last big thing will be an ever important chair for late nights and early mornings and everything in between.  I decided to use Navy blue with some turquoise and yellow accents for the room, more on that in another post.  

It is interesting being pregnant with a second baby.  I find myself comparing a lot on how I feel to when I was pregnant with Jake.  It can honestly be a little discouraging because my lifestyle now is so much different.  I am not in as good of physical shape (probably because I went from working out 7 days a week to 0 days a week), I have more of the quirky, not so attractive pregnancy symptoms that I don't remember with Jake, I get hot and can feel sluggish.  Allergy season is terrible this year and that doesn't help.  I don't feel as cute this time, I think I still look fine, but  I'm growing out my bangs which isn't pretty and I have a varicose vein that makes me feel like I am 80.  

Ok, pity party over - these are all the insecurities that come out with raging hormones and in the end I know I will run again someday and the other stuff won't really matter.  So for now, I'll do what I can to keep feeling good and let the rest roll off my back - I mean I am building a human for heaven's sake!

So here is to #2, we love you already more than you can imagine and I can't wait to snuggle you in my arms in about 3 months!

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