Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maui Day 4 & 5

After we had such an action packed day with the "little girls"we spent a quiet day by the ocean and then went up to Kapalua for cocktails and sushi.  The next day we sat by the pool for a little while and then headed back to Kapalua to play the Plantation Course.  It is one of the most unique golf courses and we got to play it for a second time.  We got paired up with a couple (Jim & Pat) from New York that were in Hawaii to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  We had a really fun round and finished off the day at the Maui Brewing company over bacon cheeseburgers. Yum. 

While we were on the beach in the morning on Monday we watched this couple in the ocean. They were splashing each other and flirting and then walked up the beach holding hands.  I hope Brian and I are this couple someday.  It was so sweet. 

Prego pics on our balcony

Brian's delicious looking cocktail at Merriman's

Sunset at Merriman's

Excited for an hour long wait for Sansei Sushi!

Par 3 on the Plantation course - rough view

Still golfing at 8 months!

Sunset from Kapalua

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