Thursday, September 20, 2012

Special Treat

It has been a very interesting week at work. Very interesting.  I don't write much about work and I won't in this post either, but it is important to give a little context here.  

Put together a little change in work life and a 8 1/2 month prego Liz and we are talking high emotion!  Or at least a lot of chocolate being consumed. 

I have been really good about this transition, keeping relaxed, keeping it all in perspective.  That was until today.  Last night I had weird dreams.  My first gender dream (by the way, we are having a boy) about the baby and then woke up early with a mind that wouldn't shut down.  That led to a morning of anxiety but also some really fun surprises. Totally unplanned today I got to have BOTH breakfast and lunch with my husband. 

The person I live with, see every morning and every night, yet still, these two little breaks in the day to sit with him (and by the way chat his ear off) were so appreciated and so necessary.  He is the perfect balance to me, it is like I can literally think clearer when he is around.  Maybe it was special because it was unplanned, maybe because although we work at the same place we NEVER do that, or maybe it was because he is exactly what I needed.  I think I would bank on the last one. 

So transition will continue, uncertainty will loom, but one thing is for sure, in just about 6 weeks we are going to be parents and I get to start a new adventure with the one person that will always keep me sane. 

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