Monday, July 29, 2013

A Week of Dinners

I can go to the grocery store anytime now, but I still plan all of our meals for the week over the weekend and shop on Saturday or Sunday.  There are usually one or two things I have to pick up so it is fresh during the week, but for the most part we are all set.  I decided last Sunday that I was going to take a picture of our dinner every night for a week.  I don't cook a lot of "recipes", it would be very easy to miss an ingredient or two when chasing after a baby.  Everything we eat is simple.  Grilling in the Summer is healthy, delicious, and leaves the kitchen clean too!  We always have breakfast for dinner one night, usually Thursdays, but we mixed it up this week.  Tacos are a staple around here. For a special treat on Saturday we got to go on a date while my parents stayed at our house with little Jakey while he was snoozing!  We checked out a new restaurant in NW Portland called Fireside.  We sat on the sidewalk, which I always love for the people watching.  Brian mentioned how there were so many people out,  we laughed how we forgot how many people don't have to stay at home from 7pm on a Saturday because their little dude is in bed! Anyway, I love food, so this was fun to do!

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  1. Here is alink to delicious waffles