Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nine Months Old

Happy 9 Months to sweet Jake!
At 9 months old Jake was:
21 lbs 6 oz
29 3/4 inches

You will notice according to the nurse at his pediatrician's office, he is shrinking.  We think she shorted him a little bit, I mean, stretch those chubby legs out before you draw the line lady!!  Regardless, he is in the 95th percentile for height and 75% for weight. He has a normal size head too.

This month was a game changer for Jakey and Mama.  Watching Jake all day is now an endurance sport, only the strong will survive.  Jake started crawling about 2 weeks ago and hasn't stopped moving since.  It is crazy that he started the month just scooting backwards and then he figured out the crawling and there was no in-between stage. Just boom - now he crawls! He is into EVERYTHING.  If it has a cord he wants it, outlets - yeah there is a reason they make those covers, tables, chairs, his highchair, loves to explore them all.  He will open drawers and cupboards and if he finds something inside that he can hit on the floor to make noise, well that is just a bonus.  We have a gate at the top of the stairs now, which has been thoroughly inspected by the little guy.  If there is a gap, he will find it, if you move one thing, he finds another.  We thought we were pretty set to have a little mover on our hands.  Haha, we had no idea!  Several things have been moved to the basement and furniture has been rearranged.  We even have  a beach towel nailed under the computer desk so you can't see any cords...we keep the door shut though still!  He will find them!  It is such fun to see him so curious and try to figure things out.
I am guessing next month I will be writing about him pulling himself up and being able to crawl on stairs, only a matter of time.

Jake has so many tricks it has become harder and harder for him to settle down at night and for naps.  There are just too many other fun things to do. The first part of this month Jake was napping like a champ.  Two long naps a day, then he started to crawl and there is just too much fun to be had to sleep away the afternoon!  He is still a great little sleeper at night.  We often find him crawling laps around his crib or just sitting up and clapping to himself, proud of his latest accomplishments!

He will wave bye-bye on occasion, usually only with Mama to himself in the mirror, Jake loves some Jake.  Jake loves to turn up the volume when he his talking to us.  It is a high pitched squeal/screech type sound.  A very boyish noise.  This month his top right tooth came in, the other one is close, but for now he is a snaggle tooth. Jake likes to use his sippy cup with a straw. He sucks it pretty well and also likes to blow back into it.  Sometimes he gets the water in his mouth and then forgets to swallow and it just runs down the front of him.   I started nursing just 4 times a day during this month.  We went to see Doris again because I was having trouble tapering off, but now he is eating just 3 times a day from me and 3 times his solids and everyone is happy with that! Jake still loves to eat.  It is actually amazing how much he eats, then the poor guy gets a little constipated and has to work really hard to poop!

 We got a pool for the backyard that Jake loves to splash around in during this lovely Summer weather.  Many afternoons he seems much more interested in the sides of the pool, the weeds growing on the patio bricks or any piece of dirt he can find.  He spends most of the time hanging over the edge banging something on the ground.  For the Fourth of July Jake was in his first parade, but more importantly he got a visit from Ti Ti Boom who was here for a long visit to see the family.  She brought him a hairy little owl that he likes to suck on and a book with a hairy cover.  He doesn't know it is a book yet, but he really enjoys the hair.  Jake is a little person now, he definitely knows what he likes and doesn't like.  He gets excited when I put on the front carrier and we get to go outside, he gets really excited with Papa comes home and crawls to meet him at the door.  He lets you know when he doesn't like something and really started to assert himself this month with wild hand waving and kicking - both for excitement and frustration!

He is a sweet boy, he loves to snuggle and look at books with any kind of textures.  He thinks his Mama is funny and Papa is his hero.  Nine months already just doesn't seem possible.  I get this feeling once in a while that I have to go to work after the Summer is over, I am not sure why I get it, old habit with a school year or the thought that that was when Jake was supposed to be in daycare....either way, I am relieved and grateful when I realize that Fall just brings a new season with my little buddy and more time for us to play and explore.  I wonder how long it will take before I realize that this is my new life and not just a leave. It still seems just too good to be true.

Love you Jakey.

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