Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eight Months Old

Happy 8 Months to sweet Jake!
At 8 months old Jake was:
20 lbs 6 oz
30+ inches

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Well, these pretty much sum up the highlights for Jake this month.  Jake is ON THE MOVE!  He isn't quite crawling yet, but he reaches for everything and scoots backwards on his tummy.  He can actually travel quite a distance with this new trick. He can push and pull and already figured out drawers.

Jake continues to be the sweet, funny, little guy he has always been.  He really only fusses when he is tired or hungry.  He is still nursing quite a bit (5 to 6) times a day, but we just added lunch so that is changing quickly.  He loves food and we still haven't found a food that he won't eat.  My goal is to not have a picky eater so we are off to a great start!  He is still a good sleeper, usually up once at night to eat, which I know he doesn't need, but I haven't minded yet.  He goes to bed around 6:30 and usually is up between 5 and 7 for the day.  He doesn't like to have his diaper changed anymore, so you better be ready with a toy in his face.  He loves to make noise and will figure out how to make it with pretty much any toy.  He might bang it on the floor, the wall, or Mama's leg.  His favorite is to hit two toys together.  He always looks up at Mama so proud of himself.  He gives kisses, sometimes to me after a nap on my cheek, chin, neck, but always to himself in the mirror.  Jake loves him some Jake.  He comes at you with an open mouth and gives you a little lick.  Probably the cutest thing ever.  We still have him in the infant tub, which he looks ridiculous in.  Our tub downstairs is lead and the one upstairs is a jacuzzi tub so it seems so big and daunting.  It is time to move though, he splashes like a crazy man and everyone and everything is soaked!  He can go from laying down to sitting up, but can't quite get back again so Mama has to help when he does it in his crib.  He says mamamamamama, we aren't sure if he knows who that is, but he does say it a lot in his crib so I like to think he is calling for me.  We went on a few new adventures this month, he went to his first parade (not that impressed), went in a swing for the first time (much more exciting) and also took a few bike rides on the front of Mama's bike in his new seat.  Jake loves his Papa, when he gets home Jake won't take his eyes off of him.  He thinks he is hilarious, which someday he will learn he actually really is.  Jake waves his arms and legs when he is excited, he also waves them if he is having a little tantrum, usually over a diaper change or not being able to play with my cell phone that I accidentally left on the floor.  Jake has a laugh that is sure to make you smile and this little chuckle he does will make you laugh too.  I can't believe it is 8 months already.

Time, please stop, please don't take my baby and make him a little boy yet, I am not ready.

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