Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July

It was so weird having the Fourth of July on a Wednesday this year, but it actually was the perfect break in the week.  We spent the day with some great friends and enjoyed the first day of Summer weather for a while.  

We went over to a friend's house in the morning to enjoy a little breakfast and chat on their patio before two other families joined us and we walked up to be part of the annual neighborhood parade.  After a few blocks around the parade loop, the whole loop was only a few blocks, we made it back to the house to fire up the grill.  A delicious bbq lunch and play time in the backyard.  Between me and Brian we captured several great pictures of the kiddos on this beautiful day.  Next year we'll have a little one in tow with the rest of the neighborhood.  They probably won't know what is going on, but we will!

Lucy Cameron

Lucy with a little 4th of July spirit

How much do you just want to squeeze those precious cheeks?

The Powell kids.  The lady on the right, Viola. The little man is Hugo. 

After Viola it was hard to imagine another Powell that was so irresistible.  We found him. 


"This will be fun, hide my baby brother under the feather boa...."

It was pretty bright out, but the shades just were not working for her. 

Lovely lips just like his Mama.

Holiday spirit on those chunky little legs. 

Just chilling out with Minnie and the guitar after a busy parade morning. 

Hugo has the right idea. Bring the bed to me, not me to the bed. 

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  1. It was so great to celebrate with you, and I'm loving all the pictures you posted of my wees and Lucy, you got some really cute shots! It'll be fun to have Baby Lanter in the mix next year. :)