Monday, July 23, 2012

Seattle: Then & Now

A couple of weeks ago we went up to Seattle to visit some friends.  Brian has two buddies from college that he remains close friends with and they are both married to ladies I always enjoy.  When Brian and I first started dating Seattle was one of our secret getaways.  A fun place to go where we could act like a couple in public and we wouldn't get discovered.  Well, at least until we ran into our bosses' boss on the train or randomly 3 people from work throughout the weekend....clearly we were not meant to be a secret for long!

The first trip I made with Brian was in January of 2009.  At this point Erick and Natalie were the only married couple.  Court and Danielle were engaged and Brian and I were only a few months into dating! Now that I am sitting here thinking, there really were a lot of good stories associated with this visit - a race to the train station, finding out Danielle and I were in the same sorority at Boulder, and I am pretty sure Brian told me he loved me for the first time too. 

Anyway, the point of this entry is not for all these old stories.  The point of this entry is take a look back and see how much has changed in just a few short years.  During our trip to Seattle this last weekend when I was following Erick and Court down the street, both pushing strollers, I just wondered - what happened to us?



Yes, Court is shot-gunning a beer in the front yard with a helmet on.  He is a married man now, but that is about where the responsibility ends.  

A little rivalry makes for a fun day of football watching and day drinking.  Not to mention flip cup and boat races at the dining room table. 

MARCH 2010  

I am pretty sure it wasn't more than a month after this picture that Court and Danielle found out they were pregnant with Cruz.  Brian and I were also engaged by this point, getting married in August.

 JULY 2012 

And here we are today. 
We had a great weekend with good friends and with two little kids in tow I would say it didn't slow us down too much.  A little spit up incident on the way out the door called for a new outfit and it was hard to find a place to go outside for a drink at a street fair that would allow kids and could fit 2 strollers...other than that, we are just older and wiser. 

Court and Danielle's son Cruz is now 18 months old and the sweetest, cutest little thing ever.  Check out that head of hair, look out Bieber.

We are expecting a baby in 3 1/2 months and will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary in a month!

And no time for boat races at the dining room table with this precious new package, Cooper is about 11 weeks old. The beautiful son of Erick and Natalie. 

I think we are ready, don't you?

Not as many bloodshot eyes as there used to be in these shots!

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  1. Ha. This was good. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.