Monday, July 9, 2012

NYC for Sissy time!

I can't believe it has already been 2 weeks since I was in NYC with Steph.  We had the best time and it was so special to just spend the quality time with my sister.  It is great to see her so happy and taking on NYC in her own way.  We captured mostly iPhone pics throughout the weekend, but here are a few of my favorites. 

I took a red-eye on Thursday night and Friday morning got in at 7:30 am.  I went straight to Steph's office at Macy's Herald Square.  I saw where she spends her days, the latest in the body wear world, and met some of her friends.  I love being able to picture her at her desk, talking with vendors, joking with them the way I used to see her do at Williams-Sonoma.  We met up that afternoon in the East Village after she got some work done and I could nap and shower.  She gave me perfect subway directions and we found each other in the middle of a serious thunderstorm.  She was wearing a white dress with no umbrella. Of course.  We quickly found dry ground in a Taco joint for a "snack" and then spent sometime shopping around the neighborhood. After a little happy hour we had dinner at Peasant, a perfect Italian restaurant in Noho.  We scarfed down bread and cheese, a little wine for Steph and speculated about all the couples in the restaurant.  Home to bed early, probably a first for Stephanie. 

Taking shelter under the scaffolding

Happy Hour #1

Saturday we got an early start.  Thanks to pregnancy brain and thinking it was Sunday all day we headed over to the upper westside to checkout the Farmer's Market.  No market, it was Saturday so we started our trek down the westside.  Meatpacking, the Highline, West Village, market on Bleecker, all the way to Soho where I was begging Steph to get a drink so I could put my feet up.  For a girl that prides herself on walking everywhere, that was a big deal! Dinner at Tacombi, a great spot we stumbled upon that literally made our tacos in a VW bus that was parked inside the restaurant.  Delicious.  The night wouldn't be complete without dessert.  We stood in line on the sidewalk for a "Salty Pimp" from the Big Gay Ice Cream.  Worth every minute. 

Sunday we spent the morning in Brooklyn - breakfast and a craft fair and the perfect end to our weekend.  I don't remember the last time we had that kind of time together.  I had so much fun living Stephie's world for a few days.  Sissy will be an aunt next time I see her.  Boy is that little baby in trouble, many adventures ahead with Auntie Stephie.  We planned a trip back to NYC in February.  We'll bring Grandma for that one so she can keep an eye on Peanut too.  It will either be a girl's weekend with a little man or a full on girlie weekend. We'll see!

Beautiful Saturday morning crossing the park

Magnolia Cupcakes 

the end of the Magnolia cupc

Happy Hour #2

Steph was pretty excited about her cup of spicy pickles...until she started sweating

Really needs no caption

Just read the description of a Salty Pimp and tell me you wouldn't have waited in line

Peanut's loot from a weekend in NYC

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  1. From the looks of it you did a lot of eating. It makes me laugh seeing all the food shots!