Monday, February 2, 2015

Jake Says:

Jake provides a constant narration of our day and everyday there are adorable and entertaining things that come out of his mouth.  Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks - 

Mama: "Jake, do you want to go to Target?"
Jake:  "No, just Fred Meyer"

He imitates everything exactly - 
Mama at the Indoor Park : "Jake, did you make some friends?"
Jake watching the kids (probably 5 to 10 years older than him) walk down the hallway: "Where did some friends went?"

Adding an "ie" to everything - Georgie (Curious George), glovesies (his mittens)

Jake looking at a Caldecott award winning book : "This book has money on it."

Things are always "For Jakey"…
Mama: "I'm making some enchiladas."
Jake: "Yeah, for Jakey"

Mama: "I'm folding Papa's laundry"
Jake: "Yeah, for Jakey..for Jake"

Mama: "Jake, are you tired?"
Jake: "No, I'm a brother."

Things are often - "silly" and "too hot"
Things he is probably not supposed to be doing, usually on furniture - "This is fun!"

Jake after Jake sneezes: "Bless you me"
Jake after Mimi sneezes:  "Bless you you"

Jake after getting all dressed in his construction vest, hat, and tools : "Lets go on a walk"
Mama: "Where do you want to go?"
Jake: "Starbucks"

Some his favorite phrases, usually used in the correct context include:
"Hmmmm, let's see…" (with finger to lips)
"real quick"
"in a few minutes"
"I should probably grab…" (example would be a tape measure to go to the grocery store)
Answer to any question lately: "Well…."

And my favorite that I didn't actually get to witness - 
Mimi putting Jake to bed and leaving the room: "I love you Jakey"
Jake: "Mama loves me too"

Love this little guy. 

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