Wednesday, August 8, 2012

26 Weeks

Another week goes by.  I have fallen a bit behind on my blogging after a very busy month of work, but I now have a few solid entries in the hopper.  

Not a lot to report on the baby front.  I am still feeling good.  I am enjoying some good night sleeps and savoring every minute as I know that will all end in about 90 days.  I've got a little swelling in my ankles by night time and I think I have tendinitis on the ankle that I sprained a while back.  With that, I haven't been running for a week and I am not sure if I will again.  I did play 18 holes of golf last Friday with Brian and my parents and walked the course pushing my bag.  I was very tired by the end, but it felt good for what might be my last round for a while!

I feel the baby often and I keep picturing when I get to meet the sweet little bundle.  I just can't wait. 

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