Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Tuesday

A few weeks ago we started a new tradition.  We established "Baby Tuesday." It is pretty simple.  We decided that every Tuesday between now and Peanut's arrival we would dedicate the evening to something baby related. 

The first Baby Tuesday was hanging shelves in the nursery.  I bought some vintage looking shelves from Restoration hardware and of course everything looks easier than it really is.  It was a little bit of a tense process and figured out that our house is not all....but we now have shelves and they are lovely. 

The next Baby Tuesday we sat in front of the computer and enrolled in baby classes.  We are taking Infant CPR and a newborn care class in the next  couple of months so we know SOMETHING when the baby arrives.  Once we finished the classes we decided to check out an online childbirth class, we didn't really want to spend money on one!  We watched the first couple of chapters.  It was just taking us through the labor process and what actually happens in a woman's body.  It was fascinating and frightening all at the same time. 

Last night we had another Baby Tuesday.  We went to see the Dark Knight Rises.  We said it was because baby wanted to, but really it was Brian and he has a good point.  Once Peanut is out in the world with us it will be really tough to catch a movie.  Going to movies has never been my favorite thing to do, but I always enjoy it once I am there.  We saw the movie in IMAX so the sound and picture were incredible.  I don't think the baby stopped moving the entire time.  Apparently that is the loudest place I have been since the baby can hear.  Crazy. 

Next week Brian heads to Brazil, but once he is back, we only have 11 "Baby Tuesdays" left.  What if Peanut arrived on a "Baby Tuesday,"  that would make it a really smart baby.

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  1. Tuesday's child is full of grace!