Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Photo Fun

It was SUPER hot this weekend.  I am not going to complain though, I don't know if there is anything better than Summer in Oregon.  I did feel like I was melting at times though.  We had a fun weekend and on Saturday I bribed Brian to go on a bike ride with me.  Our destination was margaritas (or lemonade) and we headed out.  Brian had rented a new lens for the weekend, so we made a couple of stops for him to try it out.  

Later in the evening we were sitting in our den melting and I heard Sam in the backyard.  Turns out he had rented a lens as well and was dropping it off for Brian to return.  We were so hot and lazy and didn't want to move off of the couch, but we both tried it out just on things around us...mostly body parts and Brian's wine.  We loved it though, the perfect lens for those close up baby shots in a couple of months. We get our bonuses this week, so that just might be a little treat to ourselves!

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