Tuesday, August 14, 2012

27 weeks

Last week of the 2nd trimester.  Time is absolutely flying.  No progress on the nursery to report, but I am sure the next few months will be full of how our little person's room is shaping up.  

Overall I still feel great.  I definitely am emotional, every couple weeks or so I have a little weepy day.  The day we took this picture was one of them.  I just feel so touched by things, much more sentimental.  I was sitting at our computer working on blog entries, since I had fallen so far behind and I started to watch the video that my sister had taken the day Brian proposed.  For those of you that don't know the story of our engagement, it is one of the best and one of these days I'll post in detail how it all unfolded.  But for now I'll just say, watching the videos, remembering how special Brian made that day for me, how amazing he was, how amazing he is, made me all mushy inside.  I think every wife thinks their husband is probably amazing and that is good, that is how it should be.  For me it feels like a little something more, like it is hard to fathom I ever lived a day without him. 

See....here I go again, damn hormones.

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