Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby photoshoots & other fun times at Grammy & Grampy's

Brian went to Southeast Asia on a business trip for just over a week, so instead of staying at home, Jake and I packed up too.  We moved in with Grammy and Grampy (my parents) for the week! Mama and Jake were both spoiled.  We had a fun time and the week went really fast until Papa was home again.  Every morning Grammy and Jake would have a quick photo shoot and she would get him dressed while I got showered.  My Mom is a very talented photographer and while there were tons of pictures to choose from, I selected just a few of my favorites below.  These shots will be priceless and time goes on.  After we both got ready for the day we took a nice walk to Starbucks for our coffee.  As we both always agree that is the best start to the day.  Jake would look around at all the trees on the path to the coffee shop and often take a little nap on our way home.  After Jake ate again we headed out for some kind of activity for the day, usually a quick lunch out somewhere, a few errands and shopping.  We came back every afternoon and after some "tummy time" and playing on the blanket, I strapped on the Ergo and off we went for a long walk and Jake's afternoon nap.  

We both got a lot of exercise thanks to this bad habit of wearing Jake for naps!  At least he got some sleep and we got to burn off the cookies and fudge my Mom baked us!  Evenings we had a nice dinner at home, where Jake would fuss because he wanted to be at the table too, so my Mom would always speed eat so she could play with him.  Two nights we went out - first to Sasquatch Brewery in Hillsdale, a delicious family friendly spot. Great beer too.  Then our last night we went to the Portland Golf Club where my parents just became members.  Grampy couldn't look at the course everyday out their window and not be able to play it!! 

We were lucky enough to be at Grammy and Grampy's for Valentine's day.  A holiday that my Mom always made so special for our family growing up.  Several times we would have fondue which was a real treat.  She even got us a couple of gifts.  I got some lovely oil and vinegar (which we are using tonight on our chopped salads) and Jake got another hand knit sweater.  Stripes and a hood, two of my favorite looks on little Jake.  The sweater is priceless and Jake looks darling in it.  Grammy is quite talented.  

I never really thought too much about what it would be like to see my parents with a grand baby, but now that it is here I can't imagine it being any more fun.  They are great parents, they are fun, funny, generous, selfless, amazing people and little Jake is a lucky guy to know them.  

While we were at their house Jake made some real strides in tummy time and became quite the babbler. He is like a little angel kid that just spreads smiles and happiness where ever he goes.  I hope he always knows how very, very much he is loved.  This little boy has stolen all of our hearts, that is for sure. 

It will take too long to explain all of these things, but since I don't want to forget some of the laughs I had with my parents over the last week, I need to make these reminders:
asian fajitas, president's parking spot, self-draining tub, onesie over the bum, ape grooming, pediatrician peeing, and #takeapicturebeforelizeatsit

I love you so much Mom and Dad.  Thank you for having me and the little man and for making me laugh and Jake smile and coo everyday.  Can't wait for the desert!

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  1. I'm glad you made notes so we don't forget those silly moments. It makes me chuckle every time I think of them! I think your dad would agree, we couldn't have better houseguests! (Well we do like our NYC visitor am awful lot too) you forgot one important thing! NO TV!!