Sunday, February 17, 2013

Three Months Old

Happy 3 Months to sweet Jake!
At 3 months old Jake was:

24 inches

He has completed a road trip and his first time on the airplane. 
He sleeps a 5 hour stretch at least - almost every night.  He slept through the night (7 or 8) hours twice and I was so shocked I couldn't sleep.  Jake is a great little eater.  He is never known to have refused the boob, but one day this month he did for a morning feeding and I freaked out.  He later ate and all was well but he had a low fever and his Mama didn't like that1  He coos and talks all the time.  We often talk about the day, or what I am eating or when Papa will be home.  He rarely cries, but when he does it is really sad.  This month we worked on taking naps in the crib with little success.  So Mama and Jake took many long walks where he would comfortably nap in the stroller.  Jake smiles regularly and it might be the cutest thing ever.  If he wakes up in his crib in the morning and isn't hungry he will happily play there for close to 30 minutes.  Jake loves to kick it out on a blanket or sit in his chair in the kitchen while I make dinner.  We regularly eat lunch together on the kitchen floor, picnic style.  The lades (and men!) at Starbucks love Jake and visit everyday - sometimes after our run, sometimes on a walk.  We have a bedtime routine when Papa gets home and after he plays for a while.  We have a bath and go upstairs and talk and play on our bed, nurse one more time and then Papa rocks Jake to sleep.  Papa invented "baby fishing" where he holds a toy over Jake's mouth and sees if he will grab it...of course this is a game Papa would invent.  Jake loves books which makes Mama happy and he will look at them when Mama reads, especially Snuggle Puppy.  We like to read and sing and snuggle to that book in the afternoons.  Jake loves a 5pm nap, which scared us at first, but it actually just makes for a better night.  He loves cuddles, he smiles constantly, he watches his Mom and might have a little case of the "mommies".  He is a sweet little angel and I can't imagine a better baby.  This guy has totally rocked my world. 

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  1. He looks so little in that big chair! Such a sweetie!