Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jake in the Big Apple

In early January Brian headed to Bandon Dunes for a boys golf vacation and Grammy and I packed up Jake and headed to New York City to see his Auntie Stephanie aka Ti Ti Boom or The Boom.  We had an early morning flight and as he screamed in the car seat on the way to the airport I thought I was probably in for a very long flight...but poor little man was just sad to be up so early.  Once we got through security and his Mom was sufficiently drenched in sweat he settled down fine and was excited for his trip.  He nursed on take off and landing and other than that he just was charming the other passengers with smiles and sweet glances. 

I think he had a sensory shock when we walked out of JFK to hustle bustle that would be his life for the next several days.  My Mom and I would get settled at Stephanie's apartment with Jake and she was going to stay with her boyfriend Sammi.  Everyday was about the same, wake up late and take our time getting ready, have a Jake photoshoot.   Nurse Jake - strap in the snap and go stroller and head out the door.  We walked a lot, we shopped, we ate, we people watched and we worked on our strategy for the next time that Jake needed to eat and where we would change his diaper.  I NEVER could have done this little adventure without Grammy.  She took special care of both of us everywhere we went.  We started with breakfast at Starbucks and then explored different parts of the city - The Upper Westside, Soho, Chelsea, Flatiron, East Village.  We walked and walked and Jake ate everywhere from Starbucks to Whole Foods to Bloomingdales.  At night we met up with Stephanie and Sammi for delicious dinners.  A few we had our, where Jake was great and few for take out at Sammi's apartment.  Every one was delicious and fun.  Jake slept well at night even though he would nap a lot during the day.  He was just a good little guy all the time. 

It was a great trip to enjoy New York, spend some time with my Mom, visit my sister and meet her boyfriend that we adore.  Finally - Steph is dating someone I actually want to hang out with.  He is smart and funny, he has his head screwed on right, he gives my sister a hard time, he laughs with her and at her and seems like a real keeper!

Trips like these I will never forget!

Jake's first airplane ride

Gtand Central, Flatiron building, Chelsea Market

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