Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Sunriver

The day after Christmas we packed up the car to head to Sunriver with my family for a few days.  Packing the car for our first road trip with a baby was very interesting.  To say we had a lot of stuff would be a major understatement.  We somehow got it all in and managed to get Jake and ourselves in the car for a stop at the pediatrician before heading on the road.  Jake had his check-up, his shots, and something to eat and we headed on his first road trip.  As usual he was an angel.  Just slept and ate all the way down there.  

Sunriver was absolutely beautiful.  There had been several snow storms and there was a couple feet of snow on the ground.  It was just perfect.  Our days were spent hanging out and watching football, playing with Jake, getting coffee, taking walks, or a couple of snowshoe adventures on the golf course. I think we could have stayed another week.  It was fun to have some relaxing time to just enjoy the winter wonderland.  Jake was a trooper the whole week.  A few things we discovered (the hard way) was that it is not good to let Jake get overly exhausted.  Poor little guy cannot wind down and will fuss more than he ever normally does.  Totally our fault too.  The other thing I learned...Jake was too big for is 0-3 month clothes already.  I wasn't ready to let go of the little tiny outfits that he had been showcasing his first two months of life.  Time was already moving too fast.  We really tried to take some pictures of things other than least we tried. 

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