Monday, May 27, 2013

Jake Month 7

Jake's 7th month was full of smiles and laughter.  I am seeing such a transformation in my little baby everyday.  Its all so exciting and sad at the same time.  I had over 400 pictures this month to choose from.  I was able to narrow it down to these 50.  This month is less of a random compilation, I purposefully grouped pictures because there is so much I want to remember.  The first groupings have explanations, the rest are just some of my favorites from this month.  

For the last picture you will find a side-by-side of me and Jake.  My husband thinks I am on a quest to prove that Jake looks like me.  He is right.  After you carry a baby inside you for 9 months and give birth to it and all you hear for the first several weeks is how much he looks like his Dad and your boobs hurt and you are so tired you can't see straight, you really want to be sure there is some of you in there too.  This is my only time in his whole life that he will look like me. Soon he will be a boy, a clone of Dad, and I couldn't be happier to have two brown-eyed sweeties. 

Pictures of Jake things I don't want to forget (clockwise) - His first two teeth appeared the day before Mother's day, both at the same time and he barely made a peep.  This month he discovered that I am a different person and he loves to touch my face and try to eat it.  I never want to forget the rolls in his arms and legs, I want to squeeze him.  His poop face, oh my, all watery eyes and everything.  Riding on my back in his critter hats, trying to see the camera.  His sweet little face peering over the side of the infant car seat while I drive, making sure Mama is still there.  In his new "big boy" car seat we can't see each other. 
Pictures of Jake eating:

Pictures of Jake sleeping (clockwise) : His crazy positions- arms through the bars, how small he still looks in his crib, how he still snuggles on my shoulder for a nap, his first few times sleeping on his tummy, those cheeks in the stroller for a nap. 

Pictures of Jake's new toys/play (clockwise) : His love for coffee lids, rolling under our bed after bath time, Diaper box, plastic bags, rolling to get under the TV table and off the blanket, sitting in the diaper box.
Pictures of Jake's new toys/play cont... (clockwise) : The indestructible books, squeezing a washcloth over him in the bathtub, my cups from when I was small, getting wrapped like a baby. (which of course he is not)

Pictures of fun times (clockwise) : A picnic in the park with the Powell's, a walk to Starbucks on what was going to be a warm day -but wasn't quite yet, leg warmers under a romper, naked time in the backyard, all smiles in the stroller after a nap. 

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