Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jakey Does The Desert

Jake's first warm vacation spot!  I can tell already he is going to like his parent's style when it comes to vacationing.  Back in the old days before kids and one income, we were pretty much professionals when it came to going on vacation.  It is not a skill that we have ever taken lightly.  Within 24 hours of arriving at our destination we strive to hit our groove.  We need to get a Starbucks (or morning coffee), have a workout, and  find our "spot" at the pool, exact happy hour timing and specials, speed of pool food and drink service and discuss our dinner plans.  Everyday, pretty much rinse and repeat.   Now, this little routine of ours will be changing a bit (has changed a bit) with our new sidekick, but I am pretty sure Jakey will enjoy the way we do things.  

Palm Desert was a good start on Jake's future vacation skills, plus he got to showcase his resort collection daily.  Palm Desert was a lot of fun.  I got 10 days of sunshine, Brian got 4 days of golf in a row, and Jake got lots of snuggles and laughs with Grammy and Grampy.  He was a little sweetie the whole week.  We got off to a rough start with the flight down there.  It was a Sunday and Brian and I had been out on Saturday night for some adult fun.  I woke up not feeling so hot and was super bummed that my new reality was a hangover after just one cocktail and a little lame.  I somehow struggled through the morning, got us packed, took Jake on a walk (in the rain) and we left for the airport around 2.  It should probably be mentioned that Brian was totally useless all morning, he had one too many whiskeys it seemed.  I really didn't have an appetite and had the chills and aches and thought, wow- hangover really suck after you have a baby. It wasn't until I had to ring the call button and hand Jake to a flight attendant that I realized something wasn't right.  I had the FLU!! Duh. Anyway, the flight ended with a major blowout that I couldn't get up and change and so we showed up in Palm Desert, me sick and crying, Jake covered in poop.  Thank goodness Grammy was there to greet us and help get Jake changed.  Of course I forgot to pack a onesie, so Jake went through the airport (pictured below) in jeans and no shirt.  Stay classy buddy. 

The rest of our visit was great (except that I got my Mom and Dad sick and one point during our stay) - we enjoyed Grammy's morning photo shoots, first swims, patio play watching the golfers, Starbucks and Five Guys burgers, naps, sleep in a pack and play, Rose with Grammy, snuggles with Grampy, and giggles with Papa.  It is usually a weekend full of golf and happy hours, but I think I could get used to this new way of doing things - little Jakey is worth it.  

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