Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am not sure if it was the fantastic (and unusual) streak of beautiful weather we had in April or the fact that I am not in an office all day, but the weather right now is bringing me down. Over it. Ready for sunny mornings, pleasant evenings, and everything in-between.
Its Thursday, when I was in college and then when I worked Thursday was always the unofficial kick-off to the weekend.  In college we went to The Rio for margaritas and wherever an unhealthy amount of tequila then took us.  In San Francisco my sister and I would often enjoy a happy hour and work gossip at a favorite neighborhood spot.  When I first started at Nike and Brian and Dave and I worked together we would have beers in one of our offices around 4pm, maybe even get a little work done.  When Brian and I started dating and were first married we spent many Thursday nights at Deschutes Brewery, drinking beer, talking about the week and more importantly plans for the weekend.

So here we are, it is Thursday and regardless of my new "profession" I still feel like it is a transitional day.  The unofficial kick-off to the weekend.  Weekends are a little different since sweet Jake has joined us.  I guess Brian and I used to spend a lot of time running around doing errands, him playing golf, me walking or running insane distances, and a fair amount of time sitting at bars and watching sports.  All of those things are a little harder (or illegal) with a baby.  So we are at this in-between stage, we can't really saddle-up on a bar stool for hours at a time like we used to, but we also aren't quite at the stage where we are doing family activities for Jake.  Of course we spend a lot of the weekend playing, trying to make him laugh, going on walks, taking video and pictures of him and talking about how cute and fun he gets everyday.  But we don't have the usual on the go style and so weekends tend to feel a lot more like a continuation of the week.  If the weather would cooperate it would make things a lot easier, but here are a few if my ideas for the weekend to make Saturday and Sunday better than other days!

For fun:
Visit the Rose Gardens (Brian will wonder who's definition of fun this is) - all in bloom, I bet it is beautiful right now
Meet some friends for a happy hour -all about early meals and cheap food with the little guy
Walk to the Farmer's Market downtown - about 5.5 miles from our house, lots to look at and of course a breakfast burrito at the end!
Get the Keg filled (duh!)
Sunday Morning Donuts from Pip's
Saturday night in-house date - bottle of prosecco and Killer Burger take-out
Hike in Forest Park

Not as much fun but feels good when it is done:
Yard work
Plant the garden
Install Jake's new car seat
Fix a few things around the house
Bake something new(tastes good when it is done, usually would go under fun, but harder with a baby :)

All of this has to go through the veto vote of my husband.  Stay tuned for a Tuesday morning recap.

And just for good measure, a blog entry isn't complete without a picture of Jake.

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