Monday, May 27, 2013

Seven Months Old

Happy 7 Months to sweet Jake!
At 7 months old Jake was:
19 lbs 6 oz
29 1/2 inches

Wow! What a big month for our little Jake.  This month Jake got his first two teeth, bottom middle, at the same time!  Sweet little guy just had a little trouble falling asleep one Friday night and by Saturday morning he had two teeth!  Jake learned to sit up all by himself this month too.  This is huge milestone because he can play so differently with toys.  His blanket has to keep getting bigger because this kid loves to move (suddenly).  He will roll all over the place, unless you give him a really good toy that he enjoys.  He will stay put for a plastic bag to shake around, a water bottle to squeeze or suck on, or a coffee lid (from a hot or cold cup, he doesn't discriminate) to bang around.  Line up all of his toys and he will reach like crazy to get one of these, not the ones we actually buy for him.  He loves his drawstrings and I will watch him in his carseat trying to bend over to suck on his own pants.  Jake eats in his high chair twice a day, he loves food and plays for a while in his chair while his Mama does a few things in the kitchen too.  We are in a good routine for napping now and he rarely cries hard like he used to.  (I am totally screwing myself for publishing that. He still nurses 6 or 7 times a day with one of these being overnight.  He is a great sleeper and will sleep on his tummy now if he ends up there.  He seems to like it but at first I had to go flip in every once in a while.  He still moves all over his crib and can get stuck between the bars on occasion.  He still loves bath time.  Now that he can sit up he likes to splash (a lot) and play with a boat and rubber ducky, but most of all just likes the pitcher we use to wash his hair.  He things clapping, tickles, being startled, making noise in front of the mirror, and doing this weird deep voice are all hilarious.  Papa can really get him laughing with the blanket and dropping a pillow on him while he lays on our bed.  During naps he has a little stuffed elephant in the crib with him.  He sucks on his trunk and it is always really wet or crusty.  It's sweet.  He loves toys that make noises and he spotted the Pampers box after a trip to Target and that is first time I actually watched him roll several times to get something.  He likes peek-a-boo and we play "catch" with the ball everyday.

Every morning and every night start and end with big smiles.  I am sure I'll say this again and I am sure every Mama has...but I can't imagine ever being able to love another baby like I love Jake.  I know there is room in your heart that you don't know is there, but the way I feel about this little guy, my buddy, is just totally unreal.  I am total mush.  I used to be kind of bitchy and now I am total mush.  I am total mush and I love it. 

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