Wednesday, June 13, 2012

19 weeks

I saw this idea on Pinterest and we finally got around to ordering a chalkboard to record the weekly belly progress.  I think I will wear a cuter outfit next week and maybe do my hair too. 
We decided the Hydrangea would be a nice background because it will change while I do.  
We definitely have a growing baby in there.  


  1. So, I read four blogs, yours being one of them, and each entertains a different part of my brain - yours definitely strikes a chord and makes my sentimental self all happy. It's so delightful, and I'm sure will prove to be exquisitely special, that you are recording these sweet moments in time, during this amazing time in your life. I adore the detailed chalkboard idea and only wish I'd been privy to it (or had thought to do it!) during my pregnancies. You are a beauty, in pregnancy and always. Happy blogging! I'm reading. :)

  2. Hi, this is Jacqui. The above is my post. Didn't see I had to specify I'm not "unknown". Whoops!

  3. I love the chalkboard! These will be great memories someday!

  4. You are SOOO adorable! Congratulations on your new adventure.... I hope to get to see you and your beautiful belly when we are in the NW in August.

    Steph K. (Formerly Steph R.)